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In 2024 we are entering a new cycle of five years, working with the archetypical manifestations of Goddess as the Weaving Sisters in our lives. In this cycle we will be focussing on a specific aspect of Goddess, inspired by these archetypes, starting with The Goddess of Healing in the Maiden year. 

In the 29th Glastonbury Goddess Conference, we are envisioning that we will journey together for a week on an elemental journey with the Goddess of Healing, which is both very personal and universal, primordial and contemporary.


Five Sisters, five Great Goddesses, weave a magnificent multi coloured mantle. Maiden, Lover, Mother, Queen and Crone, each Goddess equally contributing their threads, which they weave into the fabric of life. Upon it, their design; of leaf and tree, of apple and pomegranate, flowers and roots, snake and bird, of fish and mammal, of purpose and evolution, takes shape, and glows. The seeds of immortality, the flowers of passion, the harvest of deeds, and the fruits of every underworld journey, are all woven into the weave.

With the greatest of care they create this beauty, taking turns to mend, with invisible tender stiches, the occasional rip or the tiniest tear, never losing the rhythm of the weft and warp.

Together they weave a cloth of shimmering essence, its patterns created with the golden threads of karma, that they spin on long, magical spindles. To spin this thread, they card the fibres of their specific gifts, to make sure only the finest are included. Each thread carries their essence, and when they cut it, these gifts are given; to all who wear the magnificent mantle of life, to all of us.

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Since the beginning of human time… five Sisters weave the multi-faceted mantle of life.

The Maiden Goddess offers the thread of Healing.

Springing from Her own fair hands, and magical in its miraculous nature, it sings with Her presence.

This golden thread of Her loving healing,

She gives into the actions of our heart and soul, our minds and bodies, into the realness of our lives.

For this Maiden is Goddess of Healing in all its forms.

She invites us to receive, carry and share Her gift.


The Goddess of Healing is always renewing and rejuvenating.
She may shape shift in our minds, yet She is a constant; the source as the still point of the flame, the unblinking eye, the consistent forge fire of soul’s mettle.
She informs our reality, and She asks to be made manifest in our behaviour and actions.

To this purpose, She invites us to find the treasure of Her healing medicine bundle. Our healing gifts and healing journeys are intimately linked to the Natural world. She therefore calls us into the wild places of ourselves and into the beauty of Her wild lands, to mind the medicine for our soul. 

It is Her joy and freedom that beckons us to where the heron guards, to where the owl hunts and to where the beaver builds. We seek to find Her wisdom where the otter plays, where the songbird sings, or where the hare dances, and if we follow Her guidance and loose our inhibitions, we will come to where the deer ruts, where the salmon leaps, or to where the badger roots, and find Her magic there. 

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We invite you to join us in our exploration and celebration of the Maiden as Goddess of Healing, and through this, bring more of Her healing out into the World


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The Goddess Conference Community

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This group is for all Goddess Conference participants past, present and future, to mutually support, inspire and enthuse, for all Goddess loving and curious people!

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Journey with the Ceremonial Priest/esses

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The Ceremonial Priest/esses of the Goddess Conference 2024 are journeying together towards the Maiden Year: the Goddess of Healing.

This Samhain they started weaving: “We planted our seeds of intention and healing, to rest in the arms of the Crone over the Wintertime and start growing and flowering next Summer! May you feel Her healing love around you in these dark times!”

The first ceremonial blog “The Five Weaving Sisters” is coming out soon!