Dear Goddess Loving People,

Important news form the Goddess Conference
Due to the unprecedented circumstances this year…
We have now decided to become a fully online event!


The Earth Mother Goddess Conference this year will become a nine-day online Goddess celebration, with fabulous talks, insightful workshops, wonderful performances and sacred ceremonies.

The programme has had to change somewhat, as we embrace a new format, but most of the same presenters will be contributing their presentations and workshops. We are finding new ways to bring you deeply meaningful connection to the land of Avalon, and Earth Mother Goddess in embodied online ceremonies.

The first five days (Saturday 25th July – Wednesday 29th July 2020) will be an extended Fringe event, with a whole day and whole evening programme of workshops and concerts.

The four Conference days (Thursday 30th July – Sunday 2nd August 2020) will be an abundant mix of presentations, ceremonies, workshops and performances.

Mornings will be a mix of talks and performances, for you to be inspired by, running from 9.30 to 12.30 UK time.
In the afternoons there will be an offering of different one and a half hour Zoom workshops, of which you will have 2 choices per day.
Three of the evenings will be ceremonial (opening ceremony, embodiment evening, closing ceremony) and the fourth evening will be a performance and dance evening with our amazing artist sharing their songs with you, and all of us dressing up in our finery at home, to enjoy, to celebrate, to dance and sing along!

We trust that you will want to be part of our beautiful celebration of the Earth Mother Goddess and will choose to support The Goddess Conference by joining us online this year, so that we will be able to gather again next year in Glastonbury!

We look forward to seeing you online for the Earth Mother Goddess Conference! And hope to welcome you all in person, in Avalon again in 2021, for the Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference.

Please keep a close eye on our website: and  other ways we will communicate with you, on Facebook: and Instagram:

In the meantime we send you wishes of fierce courage and good health,
and may the Earth Mother Goddess hold you In Her loving arms!

With Beltane Blessings,Blessings,
Katinka and Marion
Goddess Conference Organisers.

The 2020 Goddess Conference in Glastonbury will honour and celebrate the Earth Mother Goddess!

This year marks the 25th anniversary of the Goddess Conference – an international gathering of people drawn to the loving energy of the Goddess in all her forms.

As Earth Mother, the Goddess is all the lands and places to which we feel a connection: by blood; by birth; by choice or circumstance; by soul memory; by spiritual resonance and by love.

Over the course of six days, come journey with us into the mystery of the Divine Feminine, joining the ceremonies; workshops and presentations led by Goddess trailblazers from across the world, including Earth activist Starhawk; artist and ceremonial artist Carolyn Hillyer and the award-winning author of Sheela na gig: The Dark Goddess of Sacred Power, Starr Goode.

Come enjoy our cornucopia of wonderful presentations, talks, performances and inspirational workshops. With music, dance, story telling, Goddess art and craft to delight your senses and encourage your creativity, and with ceremonies that will ground us deeply in Her Presence and initiate into Her mysteries.

Come celebrate and discover the Great Earth Mother Goddess.

Full Conference ‘Brighde’ ticket available now, until midnight on the 30th April, when the Rhiannon full ticket becomes available.

Who is the Earth Mother Goddess?
She is our absolute Ground of Being, the truth of our heart, home of our deepest belonging, and the source of all life. She lives in our sacred bodies and is alive in our heart’s land, our spiritual home, the places where Her wisdom speaks to us in all Her nature.
Great Earth Mother, You who are the continental dance of becoming, transformation, re-invention, the power of mountains to rise from the seabed. You are wild unexplored places that replenish and call us to dance. You are Great Earth Mother Goddess on who’s skin the story of land and life is written as living lines of song and mystery.

Timeless, You are unstoppable Earth Activism awakening, magnetising and standing firm with fierce courage and soft compassionate power.
Great Earth Mother, sweet Mother of belonging; You are the rooted warmth of nurturing presence that allows the soft unfolding of all Your children into their beauty and empowerment.

Earth Mother Goddess, You are our home and our responsibility to You is awakening. You are our intiatrix, calling Your human children to step up into remembering what love would do, into living awareness, and into Your embrace.

The Goddess Conference 2020 will celebrate and honour all these aspects of the Great Earth Mother Goddess, in Her beautiful Earth Goddess Temple, as our sacred bodies, and out on Her Avalonian land.


Please note that the online platforms we will be using will be: Facebook, YouTube and ZOOM. To be able to participate you have to provide a Facebook name / account in the Checkout Form

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Thursday 30th July
Friday 31th July
Saturday 1st August
Sunday 2nd August
Fringe Days


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Please note that the online platforms we will be using will be: Facebook, YouTube and ZOOM. To be able to participate you have to provide a Facebook name / account in the Checkout Form


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