2021 Goddess Conference Tickets!

2021 Goddess Conference Tickets!

This time of the year is an exciting one. Not only is spring budding and the land coming alive, but the Goddess Conference tickets have gone live online! After months of planning, hard work and waiting, now we can buy the tickets and let the excitement build!


The Glastonbury Goddess Conference is a wonderful time of coming together to celebrate Goddess and the divine, and this year specifically, to celebrate the Tribal Star Queen Goddesses. While the conference might not be in the same format as in previous years due to the corona virus pandemic, there will be a small live event happening, and the fact that we can buy tickets helps to make the fact that the Goddess Conference is happening a reality. It helps to solidify the reality of the Goddess Conference in these strange and uncertain times.

In these times of lockdown and fear, we all need something to look forward to, something exciting and joyous to hold onto. Buying a Goddess Conference ticket always feels like the start of the build up to Conference, we can start planning, and now more than ever we crave this anticipation and excitement. Buying a Goddess Conference ticket this year is a gift to yourself, a commitment to the growth and exploration in a time when that has been challenging and stagnant.

The Tribal Star Queen Goddesses are calling to us through these strange times, they are singing their star songs and willing us to hear them, to acknowledge sovereignty in ourselves and our realms. To hold ourselves and each other in high esteem and to gift ourselves the beauty of the Goddess Conference.

This year there are limited in-person tickets being sold, and unlimited tickets to the online event. The in-person event will be different to what experienced Goddess Conference goers are used to, and there is so much that we can get excited about already. Those who do attend the in-person event will watch the same online presentations as the online version of the conference, because we will not be able to host presenters. This means that both aspects of the Goddess Conference, together will create a global web of people coming together, to celebrate, learn and rejoice in the Goddess. Together we can start to think about what the Tribal Star Queen Goddesses represent to each of us, and what her colours of royal blue, majestic magenta, sovereign purple, and star silver mean. Together we can now buy tickets to this incredible event, and we can let the tickets and the knowledge that we have them be a star bright promise of connection and celebration to come.
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