The Goddess Conference 2018

Moon Maiden Goddess
Experience how to embrace Her blessings

We invite you to join us in the Temple of the Moon Goddess to experience
Her myriad aspects at the annual Goddess Conference in Glastonbury!

We have gathered to honour Goddess every summer for 22 years
at Lammas time. Together we envision a peaceful, loving world that celebrates
and respects all life as sacred. We would love you to come explore
the ways of Goddess with us.

In 2018, we introduce the thirteen original Moon Maidens,
thirteen Maiden faces of the Moon Goddess,
bringing Her wisdom mythology that sings in our blood.
Inviting you to look into Her mirror, the Moon Maiden Goddess offers you
a deep understanding of the cyclic nature of your life and soul journey.
Enabling you to become a bright shining light in our world,
She asks us to initiate into Her mysteries.

During the Conference, you will deepen your understanding
and experience of the Goddess by listening to world-renowned speakers,
through joyful ceremony, inspiring performances and art exhibitions,
and a wide range of participatory workshops.

As participant, you will have the opportunity to gather in smaller circles
during the Conference for friendship and creativity. These circles,
held by your dedicated Moon Priestess, are for you to be supported and
share your experiences of the Moon Maiden Goddess Conference.

Join women and men from around the world to journey to the heart of
the Moon Maiden Mysteries and discover Her relevance in your life!


Keynote speakers

Among the presenters and workshop facilitators this year are:

Brooke Medicine Eagle

Brooke Medicine Eagle is a legendary Earthkeeper, wisdom teacher, healer, visionary, singer/songwriter, shamanic practitioner, catalyst for wholeness, and ceremonial

Jewels Wingfield

Powerful catalyst for change, soul alchemist, an earth steward, a high priestess and a wild force of nature.

Miranda Gray

Miranda is an internationally renowned spiritual teacher on the cyclic nature of women and women’s spirituality and energies. She supports each woman’s uniqueness


Starhawk is a co-founder of the Reclaiming tradition and the author or coauthor of thirteen books on earth-based spirituality, Paganism, Goddess religion and activism

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