Welcome to the 2019 Sun Lover Goddess Conference Glastonbury UK
This year we will journey with Goddess as Beloved and Her archetype of Sun Lover.


Come join us in this amazing international exuberance of Goddess spirituality,
deeply grounded in our ancestral lands and wisdom ways.
Come and deepen your personal connection and devotion to the Divine as Lover Goddess.
Come and find Her as universally loved and adored Sun Goddess in Her Solar Temple, here in Avalon.


The Sun Lover Goddess is our Beloved, and we are beloved to Her.
Known by many names as Sun Goddess all over the world, in the 2019 Goddess Conference,
we will celebrate and honour Her as Source, as Fire, as Love,
as alchemical Transformation and inspirational Presence.
Her Blessing energises the source of Light and warms the darkness,
so that we may grow and know Her ever more intimately in all Her forms.


Sun Lover Goddess is the universal source of Love and is fierce Empoweress:
She is our passion and desire for revolutionary change.
She ignites our ecstasy to live in devotional delicious intimacy with Her in every moment.
She is Radiance of possibility, Flame of Love, Blaze of imagination.
She is our Beloved, intimate and present; She energises all beings with Her love,
shining within us all as Her love kindles us to life and to our greatest possibility.


Sun Lover Goddess is She who blooms us open to love with Her light,
She is the gateway past all duality, into non-separation.
She has been with us since the beginning and will light our way till the very end of time.
She is the renewal and constant, She ignites all Life into being.


Her Love blazes and encourages us to trust, to love and
to be all we can be, as Her light shining in the world.
To be so is ecstasy, to do so is Love in Action.

Discover the Program

8.30 AM

Register yourself and choose which Conference workshops you want to go to.

This year we invite your young people (YP) from the ages of 6 to 18 to take part in our Young People’s Workshops at the Sun Lover Conference. The workshops take place Wednesday to Saturday from 9:30 till 1pm. Please book a place for your YP at our registration desk on Tuesday morning.

Our central theme is around the ancient myth of Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess. We will be recreating this tale in a Sacred Drama that will be performed on the main stage on Saturday around 10:50am.

We start each day with Yoga, Tai Chi or Movement Medicine and run a variety of different activities from storytelling, meditation, Ceremony and crafting, this year we will be making musical instruments (wooden sun rattles and sistrums), sacred dancing fans, wands and Phoenix – Dragon costumes for our sacred drama. We will also be providing opportunities for age appropriate discussions around love in all of its forms and relationships

A popular feature of our workshops is a daily break when we provide a delicious nutritious vegetarian snack. Please let us know at registration any allergies or food preferences.

Welcome to Glastonbury with our Glastonbury Mayor, Introductions and Presentation of the Sun Lover Goddess Temple.

11.00 AM
Coffee Break

A sacred dance and performance piece to Aphrodite and the lineage of beautiful love Goddesses.


Terence has discovered how the planning of stone circles in Ireland and Scotland is creatively linked to the drama of the rising sun via Sacred Marriage. In Cork, Kerry and Aberdeen the 30 circles analyzed relate to sunrise directions for the eight traditional farming festivals of the annual round. Every circle embodies a solar calendar achieved through the casting of a phallic shadow from a male-symbolic standing stone to a waiting female-receptive stone. The facts are indisputable, and firmly imply that the underlying religious concept is the Marriage of the Earth Mother or Mother Goddess with the Sky Father in his epiphany of Solar God or ‘Sun Lover’. The well-loved worldview known as the hieros gamos—much adored since literate classical times as an essential element of fertility religions—is here proved for the farming epochs two to four millennia earlier in the Neolithic and Bronze Age. Thus too is the core meaning of Stonehenge exquisitely explained.


I will be presenting a participative ritual process involving the ancestors, in order to facilitate inner integration work. This process is an opportunity to bring forth the Sacred Feminine and Masculine Ideals within ourselves, and honour and celebrate our Wholeness as the only True state we can ever be in. Prepare to call in your ancestors, pray, sound, move and dance.

12.45 PM
14.30 PM
KATIE HOFFNER * Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess Banner Collection

Katie Hoffner will LIGHT up our sacred space with HERstories from Lydia Ruyle’s Goddess Banner collection. Lydia’s banners have been gracing the Town Hall and parading through the High Street and up the Tor of Glastonbury for over 20 years. Come connect with these gorgeous visual images of the Divine Feminine and hear their soulSHINE stories from around the world!


Sally Pullinger will teach us all the chants that we will sing during the ceremonies of the Conference.



7.30 PM

Ceremonial opening of the Goddess Conference.

8:00 AM
KARAN TROUBADOURA * Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Sun Lover in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning, and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings.

Today we activate our workshop by sharing the tale of Amma. Then with song, dance and Tai Chi we retell the classic myth of Amaterasu.

Our Sacred Drama is the Tale of Amma, a story about a Teenage School Girl who is being bullied by her peers and decides to shut herself away in her bedroom, that night in Amma’s dream she realises she is the incarnation of the Goddess Amaterasu who like Amma hid away from the world hiding her light in a cave, when the other Goddesses realised how beautiful her light is they encourage Amaterasu to shine her light again through music, encouragement, confidence and self love. When Amma wakes up she knows the best way to face her bullies is by sharing her courage and confidence with them.


• Rattles, Bells and Bracelets
• Sacred Fire Fans

9:40 AM

Seiðlæti will give a presentation on Goddess Sól, the Norse Goddess of the Sun, and Her sisters, the Goddesses of Fensalir. Who are they? Where is Fensalir? And how do we connect with their energy and love?


According to the wisdom keepers of the Maghari people of Old Europe, kept alive by the teachings of the Golden Lady tradition of the Hungarians, the human body is aligned with and revitalized by different cyclic energies. Among these cycles the solar rhythm is one of the most important for the human body, both male and female. The tradition teaches through the four phases of the Sun Goddess, which is a whole, completed cycle of inner transformation, the so called Golden Alchemy. A whole set of teachings on self-fulfilment unfolds on the Sacred Path of Becoming Gold. The tradition passed on from generation to generation helps us to walk the Solar Wheel during the year. In the presentation Nikoletta will share a unique set of pictures, symbolic imagery, all connected to everyday rituals and prayers to the Great Merry Lady dressed in the Sun, the Goddess of the Carpathian Cradle, present day Hungary.


In this talk Maya Vassallo, Priestess of the Sea & Priestess of Aphrodite and Sacred Sexuality, will unveil for us the Mysteries of the most sensuous and ecstatic Lover Goddess. Before becoming the dis-empowered and shameful Goddess whose nudity and power the patriarchy felt the urge to hide, Aphrodite was the Great Goddess of Love, She was the Queen of Sacred Sexuality, the force of Nature that brings Transformation and Regeneration. Pleasure was sacred to Her and was always celebrated. It was a way to connect to Her and live ecstatically, filled by Her loving presence, which was perceived within and without every living being and all Creation. The Priestesses of Aphrodite practiced Sacred Prostitution, they embodied Aphrodite and joined sexually with those who wished to penetrate the Mysteries of Sacred Sexuality, they transmitted Aphrodite‘s essence of Love, bringing healing and transformation to the person. Anchoring a deep sense of connection with Her, and a sense of peace, gratitude, consciousness and bliss. Beauty, Grace, Sex and any form of Pleasure was celebrated and was a magical and sacred way to connect to Her and be deliciously nourished in the very core of ones being. Practicing Pleasure and Sacred Sexuality was an Art that Aphrodite Priestesses cultivated with all their senses and involved using Perfumes, wearing powerful and magical jewels, having ritual baths, singing and playing music, delighting with tasty and healthy food, practicing sacred dance and indulging in devotional practices in honour of She. You are very welcome to dive deep with Maya in Aphrodite’s Sacred Sexuality Mysteries and let Maya guide you in re-membering how Aphroditic Spirituality is a celebration of Life and Pleasure and how She can change the world!

11:00 AM
Coffee Break

Being raised and born a male in a “machista” society, how do we men get the possibility of becoming not a goof man but a good human through the discovery of our strengths in embracing our femininity with arms wide open. After all Mexico is a country spiritually ruled by Goddess in her face of Guadalupe-Tonantzin isn’t it?


This powerpoint presentation is based on Sue and Peter’s new, full colour book about their journeying and experiences of 100 of Britain’s magical, natural sacred Goddess places. Across England, Wales and Scotland, they chanted, drummed, dowsed, meditated and re-enchanted these ancient numinous places, which include waterfalls, fairy glens, rocking stones, ancient forests, dark caves and sacred rock outcrops. They suggest that it was to such sacred places as these that Albion’s earliest inhabitants went to contact the spirit of the land and their ancestors. Sue and Peter advocate that these places need to be visited today for personal transformation, as well as to heal the Earth in these challenging times.

12.15 PM
15.00 PM - 17.30 PM
BECKY JOHANSSON * Honouring The Sacred Temple; Yonic wounding, forgiveness and honouring.

In this powerful women’s circle we will connect deeply to the sacred temple that is our yoni. The yoni has been reviled as a source of shame by most of the world, and we as women judged as dirty and unclean for simply having one. This sacred part of our body, the source of life itself, needs to be reclaimed and connected with so that healing can happen for our body as well as for the wider world; in healing ourselves we also heal Gaia. In this deep ceremony we will connect to our yonis and create a clay representation which we then will work with in a forgiveness, healing and honouring ceremony. (No nudity is required for this workshop)


A ritual workshop of experiencing, deepening and stepping into the Snake’s Power that resides within and radiates from our Body Temple. A deep ceremony to awake our Kundalini Shakti, to explore its spiraling rise, from the roots to the crown, through meditations, sacred movements, sensual breaths and ecstatic dances. A way to call in, call back and embody the Snake Goddess, receiving all Her blessings and gifts of Vision, Healing, Transformation, Sensual Aliveness, Pleasure and Empowerment.


Come and get to know Sunna. The bright shining, heat sending Goddess of fire and love. The Creatrix of Ecstasy. She who awaken us to life. During this 2.5 hour workshop you will listen to Herstory from worshiped Bronze age Goddess to Viking Goddess of the Sun. You will experience a guided Norse shamanic journey in which you will meet Her and listening to the messages she has for you. Together we will raise Her ecstasy in our bodies by drumming and singing/sounding. Letting our wild I out. If you have a drums and/or rattles then please bring them.


This workshop will see you calling to the Goddess and connecting with the intensity of the sun lover as we use the energy to create a work of art which will be yours to take home. Going on a journey in this way will empower you to boldly find your creative inner Goddess and enable you to communicate through the realms of spirit art. All art work you take home will be infused with Goddess energy so you will always be able to feel the loving and powerful connection you achieved during this workshop.


The Shakti Spiral Yoga Dance is a movement homage to the natural energetic patterning of all life, a devotional transcend-dance both ancient to then and available to now. When we dance the Shakti Spiral Dance, we dance into remembrance the movement that has birthed all existence, mimicking the catalyzing motion found form the smallest stand of DNA in our bodies to the swirling of the planets of the entire universe. The dance we share summons the kundra-lini, stoking the unique magnificence of our inner fire, and honors the ubiquitous magnitude of the outer fire: the Great Sun. With the blessing of the Sensual Sun Goddess, known by many names, we return to the motion that has birthed and built us. Through this corridor of light you will be held, as the unique codes of your existence are unleashed from within you. circle dancing from the womb, the experience leads us. We will open together. We will close together. And the in between is accessorized by the irreplicable imprints of our individual ecstasy; silhouetted by the warm rays of this sacred communion. Let us rise in Love with our body-temples in devotion- motion. There is radiant magic in all of existence. Your being is living proof.


What holds you back from speaking your truth? Both on stage and personally; creatively and professionally, the act of speaking up can be petrifying.
This workshop invites you into your words and your truth without playing small or wearing masks. Although we use creative writing and performance in the process, this work is beyond poetry and public speaking; it is beyond the stage. This work is about creating a culture of courage. When we find the courage to share the story of ourselves with our whole heart then we begin to change not only ourselves but the world we live in.


Lions and lionesses are the most sacred and revered animals on the African continent. They were worshipped in ancient Egypt as solar deities and symbols of power and strength. We will explore lion spirituality across the African continent, particularly along the Nilotic Meridian which traverses the African continent from the pyramids down to South Africa, home of the rare and critically endangered White Lions. These magnificent creatures are venerated by African elders as living Gods and Goddesses. The Umlando, the sacred Knowledge of Africa, believes them to be divine messengers. When you have encountered White Lions and Lionesses in the wild, there is no doubt that they are magical, mystical and spiritually connected. Our exploration culminates in a guided visualisation to meet our primordial selves and lion/ess guardians. This is an opportunity to discover and worship the Solar Feminine as well as kindle and stoke our own inner fire as we connect in meditation and dance to our ancient, unapologetic self-expression from across time and place. This is particularly potent in preparation for the annual opening of the Lions’ Gate Portal on August 8th.


“Pizzica Pizzica”, the “Dance of the Soul”, it is in my blood since I was a child. We grew up listening our grandparents playing and dancing to it. Pizzica Pizzica is a form of “Tarantella” which is a characteristic dance from southern Italy. It is the most extraordinary effective healing dance. So much so as to be always considered dance therapy. The therapeutic value and the tradition of this archaic dance have been recognized for over a decade as an intangible asset by the World Heritage of Humanity. I will lead a workshop suitable for anyone who wants to feel good, feel better, or start to understand and explore the secret parts of themselves. Through specific music, breathing and certain movements, the energy centers will vibrate in the dancing body. Thus we enter into very pleasant meditative dimensions, where tensions, stress, contractions relax, the organs are oxygenated in depth and the mind relaxes. Join me for a fun moving dancing meditation at the Goddess Conference 2019.


Awakening the Sacred Solar Centers of the body with the Sun Goddess on the Sacred Path of Becoming Gold

During this workshop Nikoletta wholeheartedly reveals deeper wisdom underlying the Sun Goddess Alchemy, offering experimental practice. We are going to move around the Solar Wheel, creating rituals on the four phases of the Sun Goddess. To each phase she offers symbolism, movement and breathing techniques giving the opportunity to awaken the Sacred Solar Centers of your body. The Golden Energy Exercises and rituals are presented for both men and women, helping to gain a better understanding of the divine masculine and the divine feminine. Expect a combination of sacred ritual in soulful presence, conscious movement all working up to revitalise your body and soul radiance.

19.30 PM

Sun Fire Ceremonial Celebration evening in the landscape of Avalon, with Sun Goddess Fire, passionate performances and lovers fire leap.

Seiðlæti with their chants and music will call in the energies of the Norse Goddesses, asking for healing and blessings for one and all. Creating Sacred Space for the Divine to rise in blessing and love.


The Mother of Storm
She was born before time itself and has created it.
She is the thunder, the wind, the wave, the storm.
Oyá, Iansã
Fire Woman bringing transformation.
Fierce in dignity,
Carrying the sword of balance, justice, truth
Cutting through deceit.
Dancing in the storm,
Eyes wide open,
Bare heart.
She sees through
She swirls the World in her hand, spinning fate.

A ritual dance performance on the afro-brasilian Mother of Thunder, lady of lightening Iansã.
As a Medicine Woman and a Dancer, I know from experience that performance is a ritual. Medicine Dancers and Musicians are not actors, we do not represent something, we fully become it.
“What we Love, We are.”* We are flowing water, wild wind and soft earth. We are the thunder bringing back truth and balance through chaos. We are a living offering to the power of core consciousness in its absolute mystery. We are That. Precisely That.

Íris Lican: Is a Dance Artist and teacher, Yogini, Medicine Woman, Embodied Feminine Somatic Therapist and educator, Doula, Coach, author and speaker. She has 20 years of experience in the study and practice of eco-feminism, European Panantheism and Shamanism, and is an initiated Medicine Woman. At present she investigates and recovers Women’s traditional healing arts, body- mind and spirit traditions, bringing them together with somatic movement and emotional intelligence, both in the form of educator as well as therapist.

8.00 AM
KARAN TROUBADOURA * Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Sun Lover in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning, and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings.

We open our day with morning prayers with flowers and aromatic oils followed by Sun Salutations Yoga. Today we have a storyteller sharing her amazing tales with us followed by a short break and group discussion


• Dragon and Phoenix Costumes

9.40 AM
SUN LOVER ADORATION & announcements

In this presentation Pete will look at simple yet powerful principals of how to open up and receive the Goddess deeper in all aspects of every day life.


Lucy H. Pearce is the award-winning, Amazon bestselling author of eight books, including Burning Woman and Medicine Woman, founder of Womancraft Publishing, creative dynamo… and also grapples with trauma, fear and anxiety on a daily basis. Much of her work is dedicated to giving voice to this fear, and learning to move through it, rather than be crippled by it. She shares insights from her creative life and writings, as well as tools and techniques that can enable us to live well with fear, find safety in the Feminine dark and flourish.

11.00 AM

This elder believes that love is a state of being – simply love. Let everything be one’s beloved, not just one person, one object – then love becomes freedom. Be love. How does one reach nearly eighty still trusting in love after a lifetime of witnessing other expressions of love, when love seemed so difficult? How does an elder still believe that love is all there is, and even more so as she ages? An elder priestess tells her story.


The sacred spirit of water and life, Oshun, is the queen of magic and ecstasy among the Yoruba people of Nigeria. Her sensuality, passion, and capacity for deep, ecstatic communion are limitless. Oshun is the queen of hearts and the source of everything that makes life worth living. We will explore her sacred presence during this lively presentation through singing, sacred movement, and attuning to Oshun’s quality of joy.


From women’s rights to sacred eroticism, Fleassy Malay is renowned for captivating her audiences with depth, honesty, and humour.
With a theatrical and yet deeply authentic performance style, her poetry has the capacity to bring our minds to the deep, important and sometimes harrowing issues of our time whilst also inspiring hope, empowerment and divine connection.
Her poetry topics often centre around her personal experiences as a woman, a mother, her queer identity, eroticism and spirituality.


Graell and Sadhu shall express and celebrate the ecstasy of profound love that is held in pure devotion to the Goddess. Beyond gender, the spiritual intimacy actually becomes the initiation into Her sacred mysteries, and will activate a heartgasm uniting the mythic into form. This talk shall be an alchemical performance art piece based on the depth of their adoration for ecstatic union with the Divine.

She Of Ecstatic Initiation By Sun-fire!

Will you dance into Her sun-fire and feel the heat of your desire for life? Will you surrender to Her ecstasy and melt into authenticity to embody your unfettered sexuality?

Graell and Sadhu will together speak on the Sun Lover Goddess as She who calls to us as beloved, who softens and disarms our shielding, and brings us into greater intimacy with ourselves, life and each other! She who is the hotness of attraction, the radiance of conscious loving relationship and the initiatrix who arouses our every part into full participation with life! An interactive talk to set your body ablaze with the ecstasy of the Solar Goddess of Love! Yes!

15.00 PM - 17.30 PM
SOPHIE JENNA DANBY * Love Your Body: Empowering Ceremonial Body Art workshop (for women age 16+)

Your body is beautiful! You are an expression of Her Love in the world!
Celebrate yourself and embrace your creativity in a bright and lovingly held sacred space. Our ancestors used body art in ceremonies and rituals to mark initiations & rites of passage. This workshop is an empowering and juicy experience of using natural ochres, clays and paints to decorate your body and honour your divinity in a Ceremony for choosing Self-Love. Letting go of those thought forms that prevent us from adoring ourselves, this is an opportunity to feel grounded, sensual and ecstatic in your body. In safely held space, a chance to deepen into loving yourself, and step into the bright light of the Sun Lover Goddess and see yourself for the beautiful unique expression you are.


A celebration of the Golden Hathor, Goddess of Pleasure, Love, Eroticism, Music, Sensuality, Ecstasy, Dancing, Joy, all things Divine! We will explore Hathor and Her offerings together, and celebrate all that She is through ceremony, sacred play, sharing, breathwork, movement, sound and music. We will bless our holy bodies with dedication and adornment, we will taste her sweetness and sustenance, we will dance and shimmy and make merry, embodying the honey sweet blessings of Hathor in abundance!


Seiðlæti will introduce the Goddesses of Fensalir with a main focus on Goddesses Sól and Freyja.
Invoking the powerful Nordic Divine Feminine within us all, and teaching Ceremonial ways to connect with their Sacred and Blessed energies.


The Gnostic myths of the Sun Lover Goddess and God flow down to us through the millennia, forming part of the foundation myths of The Rose Lineage – an ancient, esoteric, shamanic tradition of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were priestess and priest. Through my programme of workshops at The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel and online, I teach this sacred tradition, sharing the original myths and rituals of The Rose Lineage for your healing and empowerment. In this workshop, we will be journeying with the Resurrection Myth of the Sun Lover Goddess and God through guided visualisation, drumming, creative expression and ritual, with the intention of bringing the feminine and masculine parts of our psyche into union through the Sacred Marriage of the Soul. Only then, can we truly step into our power as the Spiritual Warrior we were born to be.

Please bring a blanket or shawl to lie on and a journal if you have one.


An opportunity to explore consent and what it means to give and receive mindful, conscious touch. For those who want to improve their connection and appreciation to their body. Be confident in expressing clear boundaries and consent. To learn how to give and receive more pleasurable touch and know the difference between giving and receiving. In order to dive into pleasure, we need the safety of choice and clarity, what is being offered and received, by whom, and what is not. You will be able to express and explore your boundaries; listen to your inner wisdom and ask to be touched in a way that matches what you desire. This is a fully-clothed workshop. Learn and experience the “Wheel of Consent” by Dr Betty Martin, The 4 quadrants and themes, challenges, possibilities, erotic elements, spiritual principles and shadows of each. Understand what it means to be Taking, Allowing, Giving (serving) & Receiving (accepting) touch


This is a practical workshop where we will explore the essence of divine union within ourselves and look at how we can expand this into sacred sexuality, and divine union with another. You will learn techniques and exercises to use in your everyday life to cultivate your energy and availability to experience divine union.


World Ritual Dancer and Sacred Dramatist Paola Blanton Sophia sets the stage for a dive into the Mysteries of Aphrodite. A sumptuous ritual space beckons participants to draw aside the veils between themselves and the Goddess. A Jungian reading of Her birth myth primes us for a Guided Mythic Journey to Her temple, where we commune with the Goddess and receive Her gift.
The return to the 3D world is marked by a sensuous devotional dance celebration and Ritual Theatre honouring each person’s expression of the Goddess.


Brighde, Bride, Brighid, Brigantia is the great Celtic Solar Goddess.
She is known for many aspects, but especially for Her Fiery energy!
In my work as Priestess of Brighde-Brigantia over the last 13 years, I have experienced Her fire in many ways and it has transformed my life!
I have found that, although most people work with her Triple Fire, Brighde has actually more great fires to work with. I would like to share this new way of experiencing Her fire within and without with you, during this Conference workshop!


Angie Twydall shares elemental alchemy based on the Womb Medicine Wheel. Explore and integrate your solar gifts and shadows. Where in your body is your fire? Experience practices and ceremony that will help bring you fully into your illuminated self. Balance all elements to wisely rule your inner Queendom.

7:30 PM

Lover initiation blessing and ecstasy of the inner beloved ceremonial evening

8.00 AM
KARAN TROUBADOURA * Vocal Bliss Morning Ritual with Karan

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Sun Lover in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning, and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings.

We open with morning prayers with ribbons and sparkles followed by a Fiery Zumba session with Carol-Ann. After today’s crafting activities of musical instruments, we will have a short rehearsal of tomorrow’s performance.


• Sistrums
• Fire Wands


The Sun-Lover Goddess is honoured at the Spring Equinox on my Philosophia Wheel. She is the archetype of the Divine Mother who descends into the underworld to rescue her Son-Sun God and resurrect him as her Lover in the Sacred Marriage. In this presentation, I’ll be sharing with you the ancient, pagan roots of the Resurrection Mythologies that inspire the Christian festival of Easter, held on the first Sunday after the Spring Equinox full-moon. The Gnostic myths of the Sun Lover Goddess and God flow down to us through the millennia, forming part of the foundation myths of The Rose Lineage – an ancient, esoteric, shamanic tradition of which Mary Magdalene and Yeshua were priestess and priest. Through my programme of workshops at The Glastonbury Gnostic Chapel and online, I teach this sacred tradition, sharing the original myths and rituals of The Rose Lineage for your healing and empowerment through the Sacred Marriage of the Soul.


What does the Great Mother mean and how can Her symbolism help us nowadays? Goddess certainly doesn’t mean “the supremacy of feminine”, but the integration of polarities instead. Through this presentation Laura Ghianda will lead us in a deeper understanding of Her symbolic system: a more inclusive way of thinking and describing the reality, no longer based on oppositional dualism. The world we know now, built on “exasperated competition”, on the “destructive conflict”, is the consequence of this dualistic logic. Not “the nature of humanity” but “a cultural choice”. Other choices are possible, as many still living “Motherworld like” cultures prove. The symbols we choose to adopt directly influence the way we act, the way we create, the way we relate to ourselves, to others, to the entire universe. We can truly change the world and our lives by being aware of the symbols we use. We will learn how the meaning of the Great Mother has changed through time, to understand how patriarchy has dismembered Her and how we still use patriarchal categories to describe Her. We will consider practical tools to begin to dismantle the “win-lose”, “we-them”, “common enemy” paradigm. Time has come to plant our seed of Motherworld, here and now”.

11.00 AM

The performance I will be happy to offer with my company will be about to the various aspects of the Goddesse as she is adored in India, She will therefore be danced in Her form of Shakti, the Feminine Power that creates all the Material World, Her overwhelming Power but also Her sweetness in Her form of Saraswati, the protectress of Arts, and Her magnificent destructive force with Kali and Durga.
We will choreograph, especially for the occasion, a dance that is directly connected with the theme of this the Sun Lover Goddess Conference.


‘The Sun Lover Goddess is the gateway past all duality into non separation.’
In this inspirational, raw and open hearted talk Miguel will share with you A little of his own Journey from pain, challenge and separation to the arms of The Sun Lover Goddess’ non duality.

From 15.00 PM

Continuous ceremonial afternoon and evening which will include sun circles.
Bring packed dinner as we will not have the normal break between afternoon and evening.
Heart of the mystery ceremonies: awakening the solar source beings and embodiment of the Sun Lover Goddess.

5.00 AM
SUNRISE CEREMONY * Sun Rise ceremony on the land with Priestess Völvas of Freya, on the Tor

The Priestess Völvas of Freya, invite you to join them on the Tor at 5.00 hrs for a welcoming of The Sunrise ceremony.
Drums and rattles are welcome.
Free event

Treat your body, soul and voice to a pleasant start of the day! We will receive the blessings of the Sun Lover in a morning ritual of gentle body work, toning, and chanting from the heart, including chants created especially for this year’s conference. People of all ages and abilities are welcome, including those who think they “can’t sing” but would love to. Come as tired as you are, and leave invigorated, inspired and blessed!


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings.

On our last day we open with morning prayers using Sunstone Crystals. Today’s the day of our Sacred Drama, we warmly invite you to come and watch our Sacred Performance of Amma in the Town Hall (around 10:50am). After our show we will celebrate with a delicious picnic in the park and end our workshops at the Avalon Centre with a fabulous Goddess party and closing circle.

9.40 AM
SUN LOVER ADORATION & announcements

How do we fall in love with a world that is broken? Can we bear to love and worship the earth when our species is set on destroying it? Do we choose blindness, denial, shut-down – or open-hearted grief and rage? Will it make a difference, whatever we do?

When we set up a dichotomy of humans and nature we avoid the fact that we are intrinsically part of nature. Our bodies are made up from, and return to this earth. We are inside the story of the earth. In the imminence of nature, the great conversation of the world with itself, everything is in love with everything – but we hold ourselves apart. Intimacy. Choice. Risk. Will you own your belonging?


Our central theme is around the ancient myth of Amaterasu the Japanese Sun Goddess. We will be recreating this tale in a Sacred Drama that will be performed on the main stage.

11.00 AM

What does it mean to let our light shine in world? Kathy will speak from her own experiences of shining the Light of Goddess in the world as Her Priestess of Avalon.
The Lady of Avalon carries the Sun between Her reindeer horns. She is encircled by rainbow light and She shines Her radiant violet Light out into the world, touching everyone who is called by Her.


Ceremonial celebration of honouring, giving and receiving.

14.30 PM - 17.00 PM
JANE MEREDITH * Invoking the Goddess – Ritual Invocations

Invocations are a thread between human and the divine – and invocation is a skill that can be learnt and practiced. Effective invocations draw the presence of the Goddess, Deity or other being into the room, the ritual, and even into the person invoking. Great invocations ripple through the worlds, we can feel, see and hear their affects – but often invocations are inaudible, too wordy, or not strongly felt. Invocation is a fundamental piece of ritual technology, that can greatly enhance your magic, whether private or public.

In this experiential workshop we will learn, step by step, what makes an effective invocation and practice these skills. We will connect with the divine presence we have chosen to work with and then craft an expressive invocation, that could be used in personal or community ritual. Experiment with words, tone, pacing and volume as well as gestures, movement and that sense of imminence that is felt in the most powerful invocations.

This is a supportive, completely participatory and ‘how to’ workshop, open to all levels of experience – if you’ve never done an invocation, or never done one in public, or have done many.
Bring along a Goddess, Deity or other presence you would like to invoke.


Priestess Graell offers you a daily practice which creates a sensual heart-spark to ignite deeper energetic bonds, trust, and devotion to your present sexual scenario. Elemental invocation, shared breathwork, co-created visualization, self-cultivation suggestions, Divine Union energy exchange, including a loving Adoration Ceremony sets the tone for this super safe and playful experience. Focused on heart centered intimate honoring to self, and partner, which creates harmonious frequencies of awakened sensual love. Perfect for newcomers to the holy arts.


This workshop will teach the girls about the role of the Sacred Feminine in community and the world. Through visual images and story the girls will be shown the beauty of the wild, loving, receptive, visionary container of the feminine and how through our wholeness with our inner fire we can create direct love in action and be the change we want to see in the world. Through indigenous wisdom they will see that through this wholeness and our deep belonging to Mother Earth that humanity has a special place in her diverse Ecosystem. Women are the holders of this vision and the girls will be gifted this wisdom from this circle. We will create through gratitude and prayer the amazing beauty of the sacred feminine in wholeness in the physical with the building of a despacho, a sacred Andean ceremony from Peru which we will take to the Sacred Fire to release the vision and prayer, strengthening our connection to all that is.


Sun Lover’s rays of Fire will spread courage and love through and around us as we imagine, create, read, write and listen in sacred community. Through meditative practice, evocative exercises, the gift of time to write, and sharing, our words will call Her in and speak of Her fire and energy within us. New and well-seasoned writers of all ages are welcome. Please bring your favourite writing materials.


In this workshop Miguel will create a safe container for all participants.
Then, primarily through a deceptively simple and yet profoundly powerful format adapted from ‘The Way of Council,’ participants will be guided and supported to share from their hearts some of their own personal story in order to catalyse their own healing through Miguel’s presence and the combined heart energy of the group. All are welcome wherever they are in their own Journey of owning and honouring their own sacred stories in order to catalyse and alchemise the home-coming into the arms of The Sun Lover Goddess.


Dancing with Fear incorporates movement, music, word and image work as we explore ways of moving through fear and anxiety and into authentic expression. This experiential workshop offers the opportunity to learn to engage with the fear that freezes our bodies and voices, so that we can allow our Feminine energy to flow freely. Lucy H. Pearce is an award-winning, Amazon bestselling author of eight books, founder of Womancraft Publishing, creative dynamo… and grapples with trauma, fear and anxiety on a daily basis.


I invite you to join me on a journey to call in your ancient spirit of dance. From India to Egypt and all the way home to Europe. We dance the Asian magic Gypsy Trail. Pure embodiment of joy Celebration sensuality and creativity naturally unfolds as we invoke Shakti, Hathor, Rhiannon and more. Allow yourself to freely shimmy and shake and shine your beauty as the Goddess you truly are.


Oshun is the Orisha of fresh waters, divination, sensuality, beauty, and wealth. Her presence brings sweetness, tenderness, and sensitivity into the lives of her children worldwide. She shines as brightly as the brass that is sacred to her, and she embodies a playful cleverness that helps her to disarm challenging situations, successfully negotiate for her aims, and bring pleasure and warmth to otherwise awkward moments. In this workshop, we will learn about Oshun’s magic, recite some of her sacred poems, call upon the power of her laughter, the sweetness of her honey, the sensuality of her dance, the wisdom of her divination, and the flow of her sparkling river body. If possible, wear white to this workshop and be prepared for dance and movement suitable for all bodies.

19.45 PM

At this Gala Masque entry is only for those who are dressed as the Goddess or God you are, with finery, mask or veil.

With special gala performances by the fabulous Julie Felix, and the Rin Tins, come dance the fire of your soul and celebrate!

Julie Felix and The Rin Tins
9.30 AM - 11.45 AM
PROCESSION ON THE LAND * Devotional Goddess, Sharing Feast

GODDESS PROCESSION from the Town Hall (Solar Temple of the Lover Goddess) through Glastonbury into the Sacred Landscape of Avalon. Please bring a fruit and nuts to share to celebrate the bounty of the Lammas Time as well as drums and banners to celebrate the Sun Lover Goddess

9.30 AM
ANN/CHRISTINE *less-abled meditation

Explore, invoke and express the energies of the Goddess of Love through circle dance, creative dance and basic bellydance moves. Feel the sensual pleasure of your body in motion and nourish your soul with the beautiful energy we create when dancing together in a circle.

Please wear/bring: comfortable clothes that allow free movement and soft indoor dancing shoes or socks or dance barefoot


It is an experiential workshop to get in touch with your compassion heart, self- love expression and inner mysteries, qualities of Goodess Oxum. Oxum is a Goodess of Love, Fertility, Sensuality and Fresh Waters worshiped in all Afro-Brazilian religions, also known for the calling of wealth and prosperity; and of beauty. Her name derives from the river Oshu in Nigera, Africa. On this workshop, we will explore the landscape within us and learn to connect to Oxum to awake beauty, peace and self- resilience, using one of her instruments – the mirror – we will turn into our inner vision and together discover the power within. Nandini is reclaiming and working with many Goddess of her homeland – Brazil, recreating the beauty and sacredness of the lifetime work of her Mother and Grandmother.
Bring a small mirror to this workshop. Aiê iê ô Oxum!


Join this interactive workshop, using visualisation, music and art, journey with the seasons of your own life and how this relates to various Goddess traditions of the SUNthern Hemisphere. Looking at traditions from places such as South East Asia, Australia and the Ociana region as a whole, we will explore Indigenous teachings about the Sun Goddess from different parts of the world, informing this deeply personal experience of how we relate to Her abundance, light and love. We will explore current ways to work at the edges where her power is felt in the climate, and where new and exciting advancements are to be made in this global changing time.


Ameratsu is the Japanese Shinto Sun Goddess. After her brother the Moon God wrecks her loom and workshop she retreats in anguish and bitterness into a cave high in the mountains. Without the sun’s light all life begins to die. The other gods get together to find a way to persuade Ameratsu to step out of the cave and shine on the world again. But can Ameratsu leave the past behind, reclaim her power and dare to trust to life again? A sacred drama journey out of the cave. What does it really mean to let go of fear, step out of hiding and shine our light in the world? We will explore together. Everybody welcome. Wear clothes you feel comfortable moving in.

14.30 PM

Grab your seat for the World premiere of “Herstory: The Lydia Ruyle Movie,” a new film by Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost, which honors the extraordinary life and Goddess Banners of Lydia Ruyle. The film show the colorful and heartwarming story of Lydia Ruyle, a scholar, author, professor, political activist, matriarch, and iconic artist. At age 60, Lydia began creating her Goddess Banners, which are visionary images of the Sacred Feminine drawn from all cultures. The collection grew from 18 banners to over 300, which she used to inspire, empower, teach, and share their herstories all over the world. The film also documents the incredible story of how her worldwide community came together to celebrate her, say goodbye, and how they honored the passing of a matriarch. To watch the trailer for “Herstory” visit: < a href="http://www.lydiaruylemovie.com/" target="_blank">www.lydiaruylemovie.com


The final ceremony of the Conference in which we will be honouring the journey we have gone through together.

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