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From the cosmic heart beyond the galaxies, She sings the sound of the universe,
inviting consciousness to birth our soul purpose. She is Queen of the Star Tribes
that form the constellations. Crowned with wisdom and empowerment,
She opens the possibility for new paradigms to manifest in our world.

As way showing Star, She holds the chalice of memory and power,
of healing and sovereignty. As Queen of Heaven and Earth,
She is sovereign Goddess, rooted as the sacred land,
and we are all Her Tribes, Her people, rising with our Love for Her and
for Her Earth, to carry Her starlight as Her divine love, within our own being.
Guided by the movement of Her constellations, the people of Her lands
may see, name, experience and love Her in very specific and unique ways.

Goddess as Star Queen is seen in many forms, from different tribal perspectives,
as Her people have a place specific relationship to Her. Navigating by the Stars,
following the pathways of Her light, under the spinning wheel of Her constellations,
our Celtic ancestors came together at specific times, in sacred places,
to honour Her, and to renew the bond that connects our tribes,
the similarities that unite us all, in celebration of, and love for, the Star Queen Goddess.

In 2021, She is the beacon calling us to the Star Goddess Temple in Avalon,
where we will celebrate Her in Her Queen aspect, as Queen of the land, as Queen of the heavens,
as Queen of the soul realm of our spiritual home and as Queen of our hearts.

Are you hearing the calling to come to Avalon, to make pilgrimage,
to step through the star-gates held by Her priestesses,
into the Temple of the Star Queen Goddess?
Are you called to become One Tribe,
Her Tribe of Goddess loving people?

Come join us for the Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference in Glastonbury UK 2021.

Imbolc and traditionally the time when the first glimpse into the programme for the Goddess Conference, as well as the early ‘Bridget’ ticket becomes available each year.

This year, we want to give all ticket holders as much certainly as possible. As we are all under continued uncertainty due to the global Covid restrictions, we have  decided that, until Beltane, we will only make the online Goddess Conference ticket for the Tribal star Queen Goddess Conference available.

And so we are happy to introduce to you the VENUS ticket

The online Goddess Conference 2021 ‘Venus’ ticket will give access to the 6 full days of the Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference, regardless of which time zones you are in, and will remain available for ticket holders not only from the Conference days, but for the whole month of August. This means you can take in all presentations and workshops at your leisure, and revisit inspirational material from world-renowned presenters when convenient for you.

What is special about the ‘Venus’ online Goddess Conference ticket is twofold.

•       Firstly:  the reduced price of only £185 for 6 full Conference days with presentations, performances, workshops and ceremonies.

•       Secondly: the Venus ticket is upgradable to a full in person Goddess Conference ticket should you wish to do so, after Beltane. This secures your participation in our fabulous online programme, and , if you choose to upgrade to the in person Conference, effectively gives you an installment payment option in these times that are so challenging for many of us financially.

Of course, you will also be helping us, as the Goddess conference always appreciates your support as early ticket buyers, which allows us to meet our ongoing planning and preparation costs.

The full in person programme, as well as full online programme information, and the ‘Rhiannon’ full in person Conference ticket, as well as Artemis (young person), all day, or part- Conference tickets will become available at Beltane on the website.

Why is the online ticket of this year’s Tribal Star Queen Goddess Conference called the ‘Venus ticket’?

Venus is of course the Roman Goddess of love and fertility (amongst other things), but Venus is also the name of one of the brightest objects in the sky.

The planet Venus was thought to forge a path for the sunlight to return in the morning and was therefore also known as ‘the bringer of light’, which has a strong resonance with the Celtic Goddess Brighde at this time of Imbolc.

Venus, as the morning- and evening ‘star’ has inspired human culture for eons and reference to this mysterious planet can be found in myth and legend as well as in the arts and religious contexts.

At this moment in time, we hope this this bright ‘star’ will lead you to our website to buy the online Venus ticket to you us in the summer for the brightest of events.