Welcome to the 2019 Sun Lover Goddess Conference Glastonbury UK
This year we will journey with Goddess as Beloved and Her archetype of Sun Lover.


Come join us in this amazing international exuberance of Goddess spirituality,
deeply grounded in our ancestral lands and wisdom ways.
Come and deepen your personal connection and devotion to the Divine as Lover Goddess.
Come and find Her as universally loved and adored Sun Goddess in Her Solar Temple, here in Avalon.


The Sun Lover Goddess is our Beloved, and we are beloved to Her.
Known by many names as Sun Goddess all over the world, in the 2019 Goddess Conference,
we will celebrate and honour Her as Source, as Fire, as Love,
as alchemical Transformation and inspirational Presence.
Her Blessing energises the source of Light and warms the darkness,
so that we may grow and know Her ever more intimately in all Her forms.


Sun Lover Goddess is the universal source of Love and is fierce Empoweress:
She is our passion and desire for revolutionary change.
She ignites our ecstasy to live in devotional delicious intimacy with Her in every moment.
She is Radiance of possibility, Flame of Love, Blaze of imagination.
She is our Beloved, intimate and present; She energises all beings with Her love,
shining within us all as Her love kindles us to life and to our greatest possibility.


Sun Lover Goddess is She who blooms us open to love with Her light,
She is the gateway past all duality, into non-separation.
She has been with us since the beginning and will light our way till the very end of time.
She is the renewal and constant, She ignites all Life into being.


Her Love blazes and encourages us to trust, to love and
to be all we can be, as Her light shining in the world.
To be so is ecstasy, to do so is Love in Action.

Solar Eclipse Ticket

Image by courtesy of Wendy Andrew – visit her Painting Dreams

The Solar Eclipse ticket is a special early bird ticket for those who dare to trust the mystery of the Goddess Conference. These mysterious tickets will only be available until the 31st January, since the full Conference program will be revealed on the 1st February 2019.

Keynote speakers

Among the presenters and workshop facilitators this year are:

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