The Goddess Conference 2018

Moon Maiden Goddess
Experience how to embrace Her blessings

We invite you to join us in the Temple of the Moon Goddess to experience
Her myriad aspects at the annual Goddess Conference in Glastonbury!

We have gathered to honour Goddess every summer for 22 years
at Lammas time. Together we envision a peaceful, loving world that celebrates
and respects all life as sacred. We would love you to come explore
the ways of Goddess with us.

In 2018, we introduce the thirteen original Moon Maidens,
thirteen Maiden faces of the Moon Goddess,
bringing Her wisdom mythology that sings in our blood.
Inviting you to look into Her mirror, the Moon Maiden Goddess offers you
a deep understanding of the cyclic nature of your life and soul journey.
Enabling you to become a bright shining light in our world,
She asks us to initiate into Her mysteries.

During the Conference, you will deepen your understanding
and experience of the Goddess by listening to world-renowned speakers,
through joyful ceremony, inspiring performances and art exhibitions,
and a wide range of participatory workshops.

As participant, you will have the opportunity to gather in smaller circles
during the Conference for friendship and creativity. These circles,
held by your dedicated Moon Priestess, are for you to be supported and
share your experiences of the Moon Maiden Goddess Conference.

Join women and men from around the world to journey to the heart of
the Moon Maiden Mysteries and discover Her relevance in your life!


Discover our Fringe Events

8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

With hosts Marisa Picardo and Alastair Newing we will travel by coach to the Avebury landscape which is one of the most important in Europe to be shaped by our Neolithic and Bronze Age ancestors on the beautiful Wiltshire downlands. We will visit the remarkable West Kennet Long Barrow to which there is full access and the nearby Swallowhead Spring. During this time we will have fine views of the Silbury Hill which is the largest man made hill in Europe. We will then proceed to Avebury Ring via The Avenue on foot for part of the way. This is the largest henge and stone circle in Europe and very impressive to this day. During our day we shall talk about some of the history of this sacred place and participate in simple ceremony on the land so that we can feel a connection with the ancestors that shaped it thousands of years ago.

Saturday 28th July * Leaving the Abbey carpark at 8.30am returning at 6pm

Meet at the Abbey Car Park (bring lunch)

Wear good walking shoes and expect to walk easy to moderate terrain for four to five miles throughout the course of the day.


Journey To The Sacred Isle in The Light Of The Moon Maiden

 Join us on a moonlit journey upon the sacred Isle of Avalon. We shall journey in ceremony to five places upon Her land for sacred sharing and elemental blessings and to honour each aspect of Maiden, Lover, Mother, Crone, culminating in a ceremony in the Orchard of Avalon on the slopes of the Tor, to celebrate The Moon Lady of Avalon.

Meet outside The Town Hall

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
STARHAWK * Rituals of Renewal

One of the things ritual can do is to help us regain hope, optimism, and courage after hard times.  The moon waxes, wanes, and goes dark, and every life is at some time marked by grief, losses and disappointments.  If not—we probably aren’t stretching enough or taking enough risks.  But every month, a sliver of light appears once again on the horizon—and out of grief and sadness may come compassion and great creativity.  In this day-long workshop, we will deepen our craft as ritual priestesses of the great forces of deep emotion, from grief and rage to hope and commitment.  How do we evoke emotion in ritual—and how do we stay grounded, present, and transform it?  We’ll learn energetic tools, explore ritual voices, language and story-telling, and the craft of creating catharsis—the cleansing that can open us to new energy and renewed purpose.


Silver Hare Pendant making Day with artist Hannah Willow

In the black furrow of a field
I saw an old witch-hare this night;
And she cocked a lissom ear,
And she eyed the moon so bright,
And she nibbled of the green;
And I whisered,"Shsst! Witch-hare'.
Away like a ghostie o'er the field
She fled, and left the moonlight there
(Walter De La Mare)

The Hare has long associations with the Goddess, Fertility, and the Moon, all over the world. From
the Saxon Hare Goddess Eostre, to St. Melangell the Celtic saint and protector of Hares, and on to
the folkloric tales of witches Shape shifting into Hares, they are a symbol for women of fertility, the
moon and connection to the female spirit of the Goddess.
In this practical workshop we will make silver hare pendants, choosing from two designs by artist
Hannah Willow who has a close connection to the energy of Hare and celebrates their magic
continually in her work. Make your own silver hare, adding into it your energy, magic and prayers,
and use gemstones to create a truly unique and personal piece to take away at the end of the day.
We will also discuss stories of Hares and the Goddess, dipping into myth and folklore to explore
the roots of our connection to this elusive and mystical animal, and closing the day with a circle to
bless the pendants and give thanks to the spirit of Hare.
Please bring Hare items for the Hare shrine we will create together for the day and any small items
you may wish to add in to your pendant.

Cost for the day includes silver and gemstones.


Julie just celebrated her 80th birthday last June.  She is probably the oldest “maiden” here. Her songs reflect her love of the goddess and her love of life.  She has been singing and performing for over 50 years. As she says, “The road is my home and my life is the song” Her songs reflect the extraordinary journey she has travelled, her concern for mother earth, and her dedication to the struggle for woman’s rights.

10:00 AM - 4:00 PM
BROOKE MEDICINE EAGLE * By The Light Of The Moon - Self Healing and World Service 

Women’s sacred wisdom and moon-time teachings have been a part of native understanding down through time. The cycles of the moon were an integral part of women’s lives and guided their own internal cycles in a powerful movement of dark and light, descent and ascent. Women in our time are being called upon to “save the world”, and we need the power of these practices to empower ourselves, find rich happiness in our own lives, and to open our visionary abilities. Brooke 

We will share with you these ancient teachings, as well as practices you can do in your daily life to create more health, womb awareness, feelings of support, deepening spirit, and service to the world around you. She will take you through the rite White Buffalo Woman brought to the people for the awakening maiden, share with you about the commitment of moon-pause women, and much more.

We will dance to the Moon’s rhythms, sing her praise songs, go on shamanic journey, and find rich wisdom in the beauty of our circle. 


Isabella likes to invite you to this workshop suitable for women who like to be introduced to the path that brought framedrumming from the ancient rhythm traditions from the Mediterranean World.

10:00 AM - 5:00 PM
JEWELS WINGFIELD * Autumn Queen - The Holy call of Menopause

A workshop for women who are interested to explore working consciously with the Menopause. It’s suitable for women who may be approaching it, or in it as well as for women who are simple interested to know more from a spiritual perspective about this powerful time of spiritual awakening for woman. A day to uncover the treasures of this most potent right of passage and reclaim it back to it’s true purpose. You could well come out of the workshop actually exited about it !!! 

Menopause is the second sacred rite of passage in a woman’s life. It’s an initiation into an ever more potent embodiment of her living as her unapoligetic self. The menopause marks the ending of the fertility years.  It is a process of alchemy. In honouring this passage she may find her sovereignty as woman in her full maturity and depth.In indigenous cultures Menarche (her first bleed) was marked with ceremony to the start her spiritual life through her womb consciousness that will take her through many life experiences.

The Sacred Pause – a death and rebirth – The menopause opens the way to the second half of her life’s journey and offers full spiritual awakening for woman. It is arguably the most potent time in her life and comes to re order everything. The gifts it offers are deeply misunderstood, especially the crucial part sexuality has to play and it is still buried under the weight of the patriarchal system.The workshop will be fascinating, affirming, empowering, inspirational, fun, deep and potent. It will include a ceremony to mark this rite of passage, either to honour it or prepare for it.


A one day Sacred drama workshop, focusing on Artemis as Goddess of girls and young women, using Devised Theatre techniques to produce a scratch performance, for the group’s own experience, by the end of the workshop.

We will review sources that hint of ways the ancient Rites to Artemis involved girls and young women. These included performing honoured roles and sacred dance as a rite of passage into puberty and adulthood. We will undertake a guided journey that will stir far memory and spark imagination of what the ritual theatre of Artemis might have looked and felt like. Weaving in our own dreams and ideas we will explore these different experiential ways of worship, building towards our own devised Rite to Artemis which we shall perform for Her, celebrating both Her, and our own, wild maidenhood. Please wear comfortable clothes you can move in. All welcome.

Avalon Centre


Discover The Moon Maiden Program

8:30 AM

Register yourself and choose which Conference workshops you want to go to.

Sign up for the Young Peoples’ Workshops and connect with friends in the Rainbow Circle of Diversity.

Book your pampering sessions in the Conference Wellness Sanctuary.

Decorate the central Moon Temple Tree with your offerings of ribbons, beads, sparkles, etc.

Light prayer candles at the main altar.  The Goddess Art & Craft Market is in the Town Hall, and you can visit the Art Exhibitions by Tiana Pitman in the Miracles Rooms and by Kay Dayton in the Brighde Room at Goddess House!

Welcome to Glastonbury with the Glastonbury Mayor. Introduction of participants, presenters and artists. Introductory announcements with Katinka Soetens & Marion Brigantia van Eupen and the Ceremonial Circle

Ceremonial Priestesses

A presentation bringing remembering of the wisdom, meaning and ‘measure’ of the Moon Temples of the Goddess through time and space, in images and words.


Honouring our Sacred Space with a Visual Journey of Moon Maiden Goddess Icons from Around the World as we meet and greet a few of Lydia Ruyle’s gorgeous Goddess banners flying about the Town Hall Moon Temple.


Terence has discovered a vast Neolithic Goddess landscape on the high hills east of Avebury in which a part appears devoted to the Moon Goddess. He describes its megalithic features—including a stone circle, stone rows, and many positioned megaliths—that define this peaceful zone which he calls Moon Temple.  Also suggested is a long Sushumna Path that tracks upwards to the local summit topped by another circle. Nearby is a cutting into the high chalk ridge that could be the site of a Moon Lodge as judged by its position and the several beautiful, meaningful, Goddess Age finds found in it.  A book of discovery called The Lost World is nearly finished.

2:30 PM

Daily devotional prayer and movement to adore the Moon Maiden Goddess.


Sally Pullinger will teach us all the chants that we will sing during the ceremonies of the Conference.


As you will enter the Moon Temple as a pilgrim, you are invited to join one of Eight Moon Circles in which you will gather throughout the Conference to participate in ceremony together, to share experiences and to support each other.

Bring your Moon Charged Water of your land to this journey with your Moon Circle through the Elements of the Isle of Avalon, in preparation to the Opening Ceremony in the evening.

7:30 PM
8:00 AM
JOAN CICHON * Prayer Movement

“Let Your Yoga Dance” is a combination of dance, yoga, meditation, and loving kindness practice for people of all ages and all abilities. Using music from around the world, we will dance our energy through the seven chakras, from the base of our spine to the crown of our heads and back down to Mother Earth again. The result will be a blissful body, a joyous heart, and a steady and quiet mind.


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings, followed by a daily devotional prayer and movement to adore the Moon Maiden Goddess.

Our first home – a cave. Our first mystic fascination – the Moon. Somehow, our ancestress and ancestors knew how to find the most magic places and dedicated them to the Goddess. Down, down at the South, nearly where Europe ends, She was called Noctiluca, “She who is the Light of the Night”. Let’s follow Her mermaid call and enter Her sacred realm of contrast, where holding the contradiction will make us whole.


Aphrodite is now revered as the Solar Goddess of Beauty, but before patriarchy fragmented Her identity, She had also been adored as a Lunar Goddess. In fact, Her cult is so ancient that She in Her lunar aspect was also called “The Great Goddess”.

In this talk, Maya Vassallo uncovers Aphrodite’s most ancient mysteries, revealing Her nature as a Triple Goddess, as the Shining One and the Dark One, escorting us to the times when Aphrodite reigned over the Sky, the Earth and the Sea, from which She was born, like the Moon. We’ll encounter Veiled Aphrodite, who has inspired women and men to connect with Nature, Her plants and cycles; to create art and poetry; to dance and sing in Her light; to weave the powers of storytelling and to awaken minds to scientific discoveries. We’ll bathe in Her Sea of mother-of-pearl light to re-member Her as the Lunar Goddess, who whispered the Mysteries of Blood, Motherhood, Pleasure and Sacred Sex to women across time and space. She is re-emerging and being reclaimed.


An exploration of the unfolding of Artemis’ Lunar aspects, Her relationship to Selene and Hekate, and associated rites and festivals. (Illustrated).


For time out of mind Israel was a place of spirit and sacredness. Many traditions of The Mother were learned and practice in this land, and three of them were Moonlit paths. Now, we are remembering and returning them back to life. Kosharot – Sisters of the Moon and their house of the moon at scorpion ruins in the Galilee.

Bahina – Sisterhood of the Crescent Moon and their holy place It’ab, at the mountains of Jerusalem.

Daughters of Zariha – Voices of the Moon and their most enigmatic and un-named stone circles and cairn in the Golan heights.

The blessed ladys of the Moon are back and at work, and the old songs and ceremonies of the Moon are once again being herd in our land!


Join your Moon Circle to share experiences, talk about the theme of the day and to support each other.

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
DOV AHAVA * MANUAH – moon lady of the ancients

Shuban (sleeping fire) was a tribe that flourished 720,000 years ago inside a caldera of a sleeping volcano in the Golan heights, northern Israel. This tribe kept a strong connection with MANUAH – moon lady – through ceremonies, songs and mythology.

These are the very same people that created and left us the venus of Berekhat ram – a goddess figuring that is a an astonishing piece of spiritual art.

Come with me on a journey to the forgotten dreams of the Shuban tribe, learn the sacred myth of the three moons of Mother Earth and experience the ceremony of Moon and Water.


An interactive workshop exploring our Artemisian identities through Her Names, using Her epithets to create kinetic (moving) mantra and moon-phase oracles, creating clay votives to take on a MoonPath journey to the Mighty Maiden.


In this workshop Hazel will personally guide you on a journey from her book, I Am Divine, and integrating the theme of this year’s festival theme, Moon Maiden. Expanding the experience of creativity meets sexuality and energies of the moon, bringing it out of the page and into a group experience with beautiful art for you to take home. Hazel Evans creates from the soul. Diving deep into what it means to be present and experience life in the fullness of simply … being oneself. Taking off the masks, being seen, sharing a story and moving with authentic intuitive expression. As alchemist of arts and soul, Hazel invokes sacred and creative space to deliver her carefully woven experiences. With a diverse creative and spiritual background Hazel presents workshops and courses, which are designed to expand and nurture the love space within so you radiate it outwards in everyday life. “I have been awakening the energetic wisdom of my body for over a decade, to confidently move into self expression without limitations, to inspire and liberate women worldwide through art and movement so they too can awaken to their innate wisdom, physically, mentally, spiritually, without fear of shining too brightly.”


In this playful workshop we weave together working with our bodies, myth, Goddess, Moon and cycle…all eight (!!) phases.

How do you stay true to your natural feminine rhythm and personal timing in our hectic goal-oriented and patriarchal society?

You might wonder how to do that? Is it even possible with demanding deadlines, clients and kids/pets/lovers/family and friends? How to access the deep wisdom of your body and enjoy your liveliness to the fullest.

We all know that our cycle, the Moon cycle and the cycle of the year bring different phases with different qualities. Mostly, our cycle, like that of the Moon, is split into four: Menstruation (Dark Moon), Follicular (First Quarter), Ovulation (Full Moon), Luteal (Last Quarter). During Walking on the Moon, we not only ‘’walk through’’ these four more familiar phases, but dis-cover the four complementary connecting paths as well. You will experience, from within, this lively flower-shaped ‘’model’’ and all its different energies, qualities and dynamics, enlivened with day to day practical examples. Each phase is accompanied by a Goddess archetype and a preferential space that She needs as your helper; She is your personal guide during that phase. Harvesting Her qualities during Her phase will greatly enhance your vitality, while you rest more and create more. Every cycle you come closer to your Source.

We will fill you with insights and practical tips so that you feel supported to start walking on your own moon and enjoy its power in your day-to-day life!

Karin Persons and Leonie Brakels-Stout will share their knowledge and experience about the female cycle and the wisdom of the moon. In 2016-17 they started ‘Business on the moon’, a unique series of workshops to learn how to implement your natural rhythm in your business and/or personal life. Our vision: Healthy personal Leadership keeps into account and integrates Rhythms of Self, co-workers and external Rhythms. The roadmap to personal and business goals is paved and supported by the motion and movement that comes from tuning into thes Rhythms. Working and living this way naturally creates spiral growth, both on a personal and professional level, that supports Mother Earth and Self.


Moon Lover Workshop for women and men

We will work with the archetype of Pathfinder as an exploration of how Moon Goddess lights our way to leave the ‘house of the parent’ and find our reflection along a path of challenges and triumphs, along the way meeting the mirror in the dance of relationship.

Under the bright or the dark of moon, lovers have met through out the ages and merged in honour of Moon Goddess and Her ways of love. Consciously or not, She has been calling us out of hiding, into the lunar illumination of our authenticity, stepping into own shine, into the exploration of who we are. This journey of becoming, often mirrored in relationship with  the other’, is ultimately found in the integration of all aspects of our self. Red Moon meeting White Moon and the awakening of our inner Lover. This workshop with Katinka will take you on a delicioius journey of exploration into the Moon Mysteries of initiation as reflected in the mythology of and teachings from the Wheel of Rhiannon.


Brighde is not so well known as Moon Goddess, but Her Lunar aspect was mirrored clearly in the ancient tradition of 19 Priestesses (later nuns) guarding Her Perpetual Light, which in itself was a reflection of the Great Year Cycle honoured by the Celtic People.
During this workshop we will explore and work with the sacred number 19 representing Brighde’s Great Lunar Year and the different corresponding aspects of Brighde’s Lunar aspect with which you can honour and celebrate Her and yourself as a guardian of Her Lunar Light.


Heart of the Huntress is a journey into Myth, Movement and Metaphor with Paola Blanton. Guided by the Myth of Iphigenia, we delve into the states of instinctual consciousness indigenous to the Goddess Artemis, who appears to deliver the Princess Iphigenia from being sacrificed by her father.  Powerful music, moves and gestures bring us to the full embodiment of the Heroine and Goddess as we explore themes of self-reliance, focus, and indomitability. No dance experience necessary; suitable for all levels.”


More than two hours of pure delight, immerse yourself in the silvery shoon of sister moon.

A singing workshop for all abilities. Together we will explore our voices and a diversity of songs celebrating our Moon. There will be a focus upon singing in harmony and the session will be led by Yvette Staelens.

CHRISTINE WATKINS * Storytelling  “Is it the Moon?”

Christine brings for your deep delight a silver-tongued story wrapped in moonlight.

Christine Watkins

Heloise Pilkington has always walked a combined path of music and healing. For the last 17 years she has toured and performed extensively in the UK and Europe with her acappella trio ‘The Madrigirls’, whilst also working as a psychic medium, healer and ceremonialist.

Heloise Pilkington

A magical performance inspired by the MoonGoddess and Her cycles.
An ancient Ritual in which we can hear Her Oracle, through deep impossible voices, healing sounds and instruments from beyond time.

An opportunity to experience the healing properties of sound and discover the magical powers associated with the voice!


La Voz de TARA
8:00 AM
JOAN CICHON * Prayer Movement

A combination of dance, yoga, meditation, and loving kindness practice for people of all ages and all abilities.


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings, followed by a daily devotional prayer and movement to adore the Moon Maiden Goddess.

Because our modern societies and patriarchal systems have not honoured moontime, we have forgotten how vital it is to not only our own lives, but those of All Our Relations. Brooke will help you re-member this vital practice and it’s direct connection to Grandmother Moon.

Brooke Medicine Eagle

‘If we don’t initiate the boys into the tribe, they will burn down the village.’ African proverb Without male initiation the general outcome is that boys will be boys and men will be boys — because no one shows the boys how to be men. They may find themselves not only, not knowing where they belong, but also not knowing who they are or even whom they are supposed to be. Wisdom, reflections and insights on the importance of male initiation.


Join your Moon Circle to share experiences, talk about the theme of the day and to support each other. This Moon Circle will be a separate circle for Women and for Men.

2:30 PM - 5:00 PM
ANNABEL DU BOULAY * Mothering our Moon Maiden

In 2009, I launched my witch-burning novel The Serpent’s Tale with a talk at the Goddess Conference, exploring the Harvest Myth of Demeter and Persephone as a metaphor for the Soul’s descent into the darkness of wounding and rebirth into the light of wisdom. As one of the most powerful embodiments of our Moon Maiden archetype in Goddess Mythology, Persephone holds the key to unlock the gates to our empowerment as woman through the healing of our Maiden Self. In this workshop, we will journey with Persephone through guided meditation and creative expression to meet our Moon Maiden in the Underworld. There we will invite the Wise Crone Hecate, lady-in-waiting to Persephone, to help us to heal the Maiden wounds that are preventing us from standing fully in our power at this time. Transformed through the fires of the Underworld, we will rise again like the Phoenix to be reunited with Persephone’s Harvest Mother Demeter, the embodiment of our own Mother archetype – the empowered, abundant Creatrix of Lammas.

Please bring a blanket or shawl to lie on and a journal if you have one

Annabel DuBoulay

You will journey into the still darkness, when the Grandmother Moon’s face is covered, to ask for her guidance as you descend into a challenging, unclear place in your own life. We will discover the power of going deep, of using Owl Medicine to see our way, knowing that in staying awake for the descent, we can move through that night, hunting and finding what we need to allow the morning light to dawn there.   

And we will dance to the arising light, steps of integration and completion. 

Then we will journey into the bright richness of the full moon, to gather her powerful insights for moving forward in our lives, carrying an intention from that deepest place upward and into manifestation, ascending toward a higher level of being and becoming. 

Again, we will dance a joyful circles and in final simple yet powerful ceremony, express our intention and receive the loving support of all the goddess present!  

Join me for a very special and beneficial time….


Dive into the Codes of juiciness with Priestess Graell on a journey of navigating your Sacred Fluids the second half of your life! Get inspired to weave self cultivation practices into your womb of creation, discover Spiritual Intimacy with self and partner, explore the Yoni Egg, spice up your hormones with superfoods, and dance the Magda into scarlet dreams of pixie potions and skin elixirs. This vivacious offering will stir your cauldron and bridge your heart blood with your moon blood. Cacao and honey shall be served to ignite the Union. Come ready to open wide.


“I wake up in the middle of the night. I can hear her call. Going to the window I can see her standing high above the horizon at the zenit of her power, sparkling, calling – come out and dance. And I follow her call.”  For all of you who love to dance in the moonlight, to experience and express the everchanging energies of the Moon Goddess with your body, heart and soul I offer sacred circle dances and creative dance inspired by 5Rhythms. Enjoy your body in movement, open your heart and nurture your soul. Let`s invoke the Moon Goddess together and offer her our dance as our prayer!  Please bring/wear: Comfortable clothes that allow free movement and soft indoor dancing shoes or socks (or dance barefoot)


Jump, jump to the Moon and embrace it with your strong arms! Come to give a gift to your maiden, to create a space where you’re playing, dance and make-up are our tools. In this workshop we are going to learn to dance as sacred dancers of a new temple to bring freshness and brightness to our souls. Come and live the intensity of the Moon Maiden inside you! She is bustling waiting to play with her sisters and brothers!


This workshop offers an experiential taste of a radical new form of leadership for Goddess centered women and men who wish to step forward visible and conscious forms of spiritual and Goddess leadership within the world.

Are you are longing to consciously lead through liberating, nurturing, healing and fostering from the deepest values of Motherworld, Moon Goddess Spirituality?

Are you are ready to explore how to embody and develop your own personal leadership through being a Goddess Luminary?

The Goddess Luminary Wheel has been created within the female flowing cyclical illumination of Moon, soul and spiritual energy. It includes archetypes and four phases of the Moon to support and foster Goddess centered leadership into the world. The Wheel includes leadership archetypes, liberating use of power and underpinning spiritual practices and is experiential and practical with specially designed Action and Development plans.


Aine is a Celtic moon Goddess, child of the magickal race of the Tuatha de Danaan.  She resides in the mounds of the Sidhe in Ireland and is celebrated at midsummer and again at Lammas.  A headband of fallen stars hold back the flames of her wild red hair as she rides her red mare across the sacred lands, bestowing her gifts of unconditional love, healing and abundance.  We will share in her stories of inner strength and fortitude, of how she overcame trickery, shame, patriarchy and misplaced desire.
Through visualisation, sharing circles, and working with Aine’s moon magick of regeneration, you will connect with your own strength and find your path to renewal as you birth yourself into the fields of your own abundance and into the ultimate power and freedom of ‘being’.


Dive into deep feeling with the mermaid Goddess, she who revels in the realm of mystery and the unknown! Through interactive movement & touch rituals, soul inquiry, and embodiment & conscious relating practices, She’ll mirror the immensity of your being and show you how you’re so much more than you could ever imagine or know! She welcomes you into the unfamiliar where Her treasures of authenticity, boldness and humility are fully available to you. Are you ready to be with mystery as mystery? Are you ready to meet mystery not as a problem to be solved but an experience to be felt and tasted? This workshop invites you into the immense feeling wisdom of your body and it’s capacity to thrive within the magnitude of the unknown that lives within you, in our world and beyond! Come enter the infinite realms of the mermaid Goddess, embrace your inner mysteries, and celebrate the radiant sparkle of your uniqueness! Maybe you too have a fish tail!?!


During this special evening the Conference Priestesses and Priests will create a ceremonial space for experiencing the Initiation of your inner Moon Maidens and Moon Youths.

8:00 AM
JOAN CICHON * Prayer Movement

A combination of dance, yoga, meditation, and loving kindness practice for people of all ages and all abilities.


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings, followed by a daily devotional prayer and movement to adore the Moon Maiden Goddess.

Where is it that feminine and masculine meet in dance, in play and in the ecstasy of freedom? Where Goddess and God are together alive in their fullness and unfettered to explore their creative delight?! At the edge, on the threshold, and in the transformative flow, where new possibility arises with every moment!


Introducing the importance of the Pathfinder/Explorer as part of our healthy human maturation journey. This forgotten archetype brings the magic to go outside of the form that is the norm. Transforming the status quo, the Pathfinder is very dangerous to power over systems and therefor suppressed by patriarchy. It is the power of the moon maiden and moon youth that says ‘yes I can’ and offers enthusiasm, courageous intention and initiation.


Julie just celebrated her 80th birthday last June.  She is probably the oldest “maiden” here.

Her songs reflect her love of the goddess and her love of life.  She has been singing and performing for over 50 years. As she says, “The road is my home and my life is the song” Her songs reflect the extraordinary journey she has travelled, her concern for mother earth, and her dedication to the struggle for woman’s rights.


Julie Felix

Every month the crow sits on the cradle, its harsh croaking bringing prophecy, wisdom and knowledge. At this doorway between death and birth, light and the darkness, between the soul and the mind, we are the crow with black and white feathers. This is a sacred time, a gift in our cycles.

2:30 PM

Join your Moon Circle to share experiences, talk about the theme of the day and to support each other.

Ceremonial afternoon and evening on the sacred land of Avalon with your Moon Circle and Moon Priestess.

Journey through gateways of descent and ascent which focus on rediscovering and awakening your

inner Moon Maiden or Moon Youth as the authentic self.

Find the courage to be who you really are and retrieve the Moon Medicine of the Goddess.

(walking shoes and weather appropriate clothing). 

7:30 PM

Ceremonial Embodiment Evening to personally meet The Moon Maiden Goddess in all her aspects, forms and radiance.

8:00 AM
JOAN CICHON * Prayer Movement

A combination of dance, yoga, meditation, and loving kindness practice for people of all ages and all abilities.


Every day we open with a ceremonial opening by trainee priestesses and priests of the different trainings, followed by a daily devotional prayer and movement to adore the Moon Maiden Goddess.

Marija Gimbutas said about the Goddess, “Remember, she’s not about fertility, she’s about regeneration.”  Every gardener knows that fertility comes from death and decay.  When we embrace the energies of the Crone, of ending and letting go, then the cycle continues and leads on to the Maiden energies of new beginning.  But what does this mean in an age of massive ecological and social meltdown?   Where do we find the Goddess of Regeneration today—both spiritually and practically—and how do we, with Crone wisdom, invoke her healing and renewing powers?


Lynne will share insights from her extensive experience and experiments as a Chief Executive and leadership developer to foster spirituality and conscious spiritual leadership within mainstream organisations for over 25 years. She will also share the Goddess Luminary Wheel – a radical new leadership approach which has been created within the female flowing cyclical illumination of Moon, soul and spiritual energy. This new Wheel is intended to foster Goddess centered leadership and a new community of Goddess Luminaries – women and men who wish to step forward into more visible and conscious forms of spiritual and Goddess leadership within the world.


Loving the harmony of sounds we will create. Shall we raise the rafters? Or perhaps find soft, sweet sibilance? Just twenty  minutes to explore together, led by Natural voice Practitioner Yvette Staelens.


Join your Moon Circle for a short last time, to share experiences, talk about the theme of the day and to support each other.

2:30 PM - 5:30 PM
HANNAH GWAWR * Journey to Womanhood workshop for growing girls (age 9+)

In this workshop Hannah will be offering teachings of Women’s Wisdom to Girls as they journey to Womanhood. She will be exploring the Sacred Teachings of the Life Spiral and Map of Womanhood with the Girls helping them to understand the nine natural rites of passage Women go through in their lives and where each one of them is on their own beautiful journey. This will lead on to the teachings of the Painted Earth Temple and the Changing Woman Moontime Mandala which will help girls to understand Womb Wisdom in a beautifully visual way with Story and pictures. We will then finish the workshop with the teachings of the Soulskin bundle which leads them from Menarche wisdom towards some beginning teachings on self respect, intuition, sense of self and becoming who you truly are.

This workshop is for girls on their own or mothers and daughters only.


Through the sacred gateway of our personal and collective womb consciousness we’ll journey to meet the ancient future ancestors, the great great grandchildren, 7 generations forward. We’ll seek their council to be guided by their wisdom, as they show us the way home into our fully connected empowered self as women on Earth at this time. Revealing to us the ancient future pathways of the universal Divine Feminine and what we each need to do to embody her more fully and take our place in this new story without apology.

We’ll then gather this wisdom into the grandmother’s Hearth as she holds us gentle. Washing our tears of the old story away with her river of love and celebrating all that we’re birthing in us. She’ll offer her fire into our hearts and blessings to our feet that we lay good roots and open to this new burst of energy. A remembering, a soul calling. Giving us strength, igniting our passion and celebrating our wild authentic beauty and power witnessed and honoured in the circle of the sisterhood.

All women are welcome, whatever stage of life, from maiden to crone, the granddaughters are waiting and they want to meet you.

Jewels Wingfield

Nine Morgen Sisters dwell on the Isle of Avalon, the magical Otherworldly counterpart to the natural landscape of Glastonbury. They are nine Sisters who flow together as a circle of equals each expressing a different quality of energy. They can be seen as expressing themselves through nine phases of the Moon, from the New through to the Full to the Dark Moon. Come and explore these Mysterious Women with a Morgen Sister who knows them well.


The Doorway to Change Peri-menopause brings many changes to a woman’s body and psyche. It brings us to the doorway where we say goodbye to fertility and our youthful years and we stand on the edge of something new and unknown. This edge can arise in conflicting thoughts and feelings we have, about who we are in our skins and in our selves and how that relates to being in the world. Just as Menarche sees us at the edge of change so does Peri-Menopause, both phases deserve to be marked and honoured in our culture. In this workshop, women who are in the process of Peri-Menopause will be given the space to mark this powerful time of transition, using words, visual image and ritual to reclaim power and sovereignty of this life stage as their own Queen.


This workshop is for men who are ready to step up and sharpen their swords and polish their shields so that they are better placed to serve and honour the sacredness and beauty of Life. In a skilfully crafted safe space Miguel will hold and guide you through a powerful journey of healing and empowerment which will culminate in a deep and yet simple ceremony of initiation. Come prepared to dive deep with the assistance of music, movement, story-telling, sharing, listening and co creation.


The Maiden phase is a new beginning after the hibernation of menstruation. It is a rebirthing of our sense of self, of our individuality, our personality and our ego after the transcendent awareness of our bleeding time.

When we embrace and nurture the Maiden’s light within us, she brings joy, a healthy ego, self-confidence, gifts of the intellect, personal power and the motivation to initiate and achieve.

In this workshop Miranda introduces the gifts of the Maiden phase, examines how we can connect to the Maiden and express her gifts, and considers how we create a balanced and radiant Self, nurtured by the other cycle archetypes.

Miranda also offers each participant a blessing of Maiden energy – participants do not need a womb or a cycle to receive this blessing.


Free your maiden self as She speaks to you – what does She say? Listen to Her: – let your fingers dance on the page – let your maiden spirit breathe new life into your soul in this interactive writing workshop.  As you sing in Her light and linger on Her dark side, Moon Maiden Goddess energy will create sacred space and time where you will write, listen and be heard.  New and well-seasoned writers are welcome, writing poetry and prose.  Please bring your favourite writing materials.


I invite you to celebrate the elemental earth energies of the Moon Goddess who is alive in us every day, every moment, with every breath. We will journey together, dancing the primal energies of Earth, Fire, Water and Air, expressing the Moons influence and rhythms. Moon in Earth is grounded, strong, holding and nurturing; Fire is inspiring, passionate, active and wild; Moon in water is deep diving, free flowing and intense emotions; In Air it is light, fun and joy. Lets laugh, howl and cry to the moon in sacred space. Assisted by live music – drums and violin.


Those who are Maidens now will grow old in a world of rising seas, deteriorating environments and massive social unrest—unless we make major changes in our technologies, economies, and ways of life.  In this era of social and environmental meltdown, we desperately need the energy and vision of the wild maiden who doesn’t accept what is, but dreams of something better, and takes action to create it.  What are the tools of magic that can help us make social and political change? In this workshop, we will use meditation, trance, story and ritual to explore what we each hold sacred, how we might envision a world that cherishes it, and where we can find courage, allies and tools to make it real. 

7:30 PM

At this Gala Masque entry is only for those who are dressed as the Goddess or God you are, with finery, mask or veil.

Come into the atmosphere with a special juice performance of Manon Tromp and let yourself go to the music of THE 3 DAFT MONKEYS.



With Celtic and eastern influences, the 3 Daft Monkeys’ dynamic style of world folk music reflects the global village in which we now live. Their infectious dancing rhythms lead you through a musical journey of the senses and emotions, and will leave you breathless, enthralled and exhilarated.

With a brand new 4-piece line-up, the band weave enchanting melodies with catchy choruses, virtuoso vibrant fiddle, rhythmic 12-string guitar, 6-string bass, bespoke hand-percussion and 4-part vocal harmonies. Fascinating lyrics of personal and whimsical observations on life, and folk tales both ancient and modern, are told within the swirling layers of their music, all with the essential catchy sing-along chorus.

Manon Tromp and THE 3 DAFT MONKEYS
9:30 AM
GODDESS PROCESSION from the Town Hall (Moon Temple)

GODDESS PROCESSION from the Town Hall (Moon Temple) through Glastonbury into the Sacred Landscape of Avalon. Please bring a fruit and nuts to share to celebrate the bounty of the Lammas Time as well as drums and banners to celebrate the Moon Maiden Goddess!

We will look at sources that hint of the ways the ancient Rites to Artemis involved girls and young women performing honoured roles and sacred dance as a rite of passage into puberty and adulthood. We will explore some of these different ways of worship, adding our own interpretations and intuitions. This is a stand alone workshop, which will be built on during Monday’s full day Fringe workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing that you can move in. All welcome.


Delve into bliss to meet the Moon Maiden and honour Your Maiden Self. We will connect with her very essence using beautiful essential oils, so we may be fully immersed in Her scent. What would the Moon Maiden smell like to you? Learn about the physical and emotional qualities of the Moon Maiden oils and their amazing aromatic benefits and how they can enhance our connection to Goddess. I will guide you on a journey deep within, to be nourished and nurtured as you drift on her ripples of watery moon tides. Hear her wisdom and guidance, and let your Moon Maiden shine bright while I use the Moon Maiden oils to enhance your journey. Bring pillow/cushion and blanket if possible to enhance your experience.


Qoya is a movement practice that is based on the idea that through movement, we remember our essence is Wise, Wild & Free. It combines yoga, meditation and dance. Qoya isn’t about dancing to a set choreography but about moving our bodies the way they want to move. Qoya is about recognising our truth in our bodies by dispelling all judgements and labels society has placed upon us, so that we can truly feel our worth. In this workshop we will dance with Goddess to experience love, joy, passion, creation, fun and gratitude. This journey with Qoya flows around embodying the different aspects of the Goddess. Opening our heart, mind, body and spirit to walking the path of the Embodied Goddess. An Embodied Goddess is a woman who is in the process of loving herself ferociously, a woman who lives a life filled with joy and passion, a woman who knows how to have fun and a woman who lives in deep gratitude for the gifts she carries within her. There is no way you can do Qoya wrong. Come as you are.


On this Priestess-led journey and visualization, you will be embraced by the Beauty & Love of this Crescent Moon Goddess. Iemanja, She who is the source of all waters, She who is strongly protective and cares deeply for all Her children, comforting and cleansing them. She calms turbulent emotions & brings peace to the troubled heart. Her ocean dancing represents the salty water cleansing the distressed soul.
Listen to her ocean’s sounds and dream of her magical creatures, selkies, mermaids, extraordinary fishes, letting all of all you don’t need anymore. Leaving Avalon, replenished and full of Goddess’s love!
Come along, be comfortable and let’s journey together through Yemanja’s seven skirts that represents Her seven seas and our seven chakras.
Iemanja is a Goddess very closed to my heart. Histories and songs about Her were part of my childhood and adolescence as my mother, who was Her Priestess and Guardian, had taught me Her rituals and offerings.

2:30 PM
Bring something lovely to give away to another person.

In the conference the Give Away ceremony recognises that Goddess gives us everything that we have, regardless of who we are. By giving away a gift to another perhaps unknown person, we emulate the generosity of Goddess and Her bounteous nature. Please bring a lovely gift that you would like to receive, to freely give away to another person. Gifts will be randomly given and received.

The final ceremony of the Conference in which we will be honouring the journey we have gone through together and  will open the doors for the Moon Maiden Goddess’ energy to radiate out into the world.


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