Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference


The final programme for the Goddess Conference is now available – you can download it here. We recommend checking this before you make your booking.


WEDNESDAY 2nd August

Entering into Her Memory

Each Morning, Wednesday to Saturday inclusive:

8.00am-9.00am MORNING PRAYER CIRCLE in the Goddess Temple with LOUISE TARRIER and YOGA FLOW with JOAN CICHON in the Goddess Hall.
9.30am-11.00am or 9.30am-1.00pm YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKSHOPS 8-18 years. Sign up at Registration.


9.30am-1.00pm in the Town Hall. DAY OPENING with trainee Priestesses of Avalon I

Presentations from:


“Goddesses of Old Europe come alive through pen and paintbrush”

Of the ancient goddesses of Old Europe, the Slavic ones are perhaps the least well known. Come and discover the fascinating world of Old Europe and its goddess-loving people, the names of the great female deities they worshipped, their ancient rites and customs, and how these became embedded not merely in name-places, but in the linguistic tapestry of Eastern European languages. We will also explore how goddesses were re-gendered into male gods, only be re-discovered in recent times in their original female form. We will specifically explore the archetypes of Lada and Morana – the Lover and the Crone, two sisters who hold the Slavic wheel of the year in their embrace…

We will travel though time together looking at ancient goddess art and the reclaiming of the Goddess today through the eyes of her modern priestess-artists.


Before male-dominated societies there were egalitarian societies of peace, in which the mothering female was at the center, matriarchies. These female oriented societies used a lost language of symbols that mostly is not understood by traditional science. A multidisciplinary method is used to reconstruct and remember this lost language of symbols. Retracing sacred feminine art or ‘Venus Art’ can provide a great leap forwards in retrieving women friendly egalitarian cultures. This new Her Story approach brings to an end a male world history without women. It maps the contribution of woman to evolution and future world peace.


“When we were born, our land put on her beautiful yagushka (coat) and our mothers sang with the many voices of nature.” Carolyn will offer fragments of tundra tales and cold songs and ice prayers, gathered from the far north, to bring the sacred mothers of the winter lands into this conference celebration of world goddesses. She will lay urgent words from the fast-changing Arctic landscape into our collective lap, that we might better know how to meet the challenges that prowl at the dissolving edges of the earth.

World Temple Circle



2.30-5pm A Feast of Fabulous Workshops to choose from:

AJA MARNEWECK: Womens’ Ritual Animism and Puppetry Workshop:  The Sacred Femininity of Being

Puppetry is considered to be one of the oldest forms of artistic creativity. It combines sculpture, sacred objects, embodiment, performance, movement, voice and imagination.   Its origins on the African continent stem from animism, a way of being alive to the world, understanding the connecting flow between the living, the still to be born and the ancestral, the divine and the profane, the female and the male, the human and the non human (plants, animals, land, space, stars, objects, art).  Animist based practices such as puppetry are found all over the world, and in South Africa our indigenous puppetry and doll practices are linked especially to the Great Mother.  Dolls and puppets are linked to secret initiation traditions and to women’s sexual, spiritual and creative healing powers, ancestral knowledge and the resistance of patriarchy.

Puppetry expresses the uniquely feminine knowledge of birth, death and rebirth that we hold in our being and bodies.  Puppetry is a creative expression of the feminine meeting points of spirit and matter, of what makes us human and divine, of the exquisite vulnerability of our lives and the power and magic of being.  It is our ability to see and feel the processes of life in everything all around us.   In this workshop, we use the magical material of brown paper, to create our own puppets, and to invoke, sculpt and explore archetypes and myths of the ancient Mothers of Africa. We use puppetry in its shamanic origins, to reclaim the ancient creative healing processes of women’s animism.


ANIQUE RADIANT HEART: Great Creatrix Down under

I am so thrilled this year to be talking about my own homeland… Australia. This vast land is so ancient and its Original People are the oldest living indigenous culture in the world, so the stories trigger ancient archetypal memories of our own deep past.

I shall share with you three of the Creatrixes of this beautiful land, using images to show you the art depicting them, the locations where the people who worship them go and their forms in the landscape – Her nature.

And of course I shall share some of the songs I have been taught and given permission to share.

BILWARA LEE: Healing Circle with Auntie Bilwara Lee

If you have pain and trauma in your life or body, and you are worried about your spiritual well-being, Auntie Bilawara will work with her Ancestors to bring you a powerful healing in mind, body and spirit. In an ancient healing circle combined with her own compelling psychic ability she will bring you messages from your Ancestors to help you discover your inner wisdom

CORAH AVALON: Rite Of The Primal Goddesses

Goddesses of the World Sacred Rite of the primal Ancient Goddess From Ġgantija, Gaia, Ge to Guanche and Ganuenta We create sacred space for Her, Goddess of Once and Goddess through all times. We will join an ancient earth rite together in which we will honour, embrace and embody Her through our earthly ground- and bound- bodies. We will journey through time to meet the ancient ones, the forgotten ones and the ones who seeded the Earth for us. We will work with ancient tongue and the way of the Chalice in rituals of remembrance. We will create primal space and magical circles in which we women of the world journey to meet Her in Many, the Goddesses of the World, but especially in Ge, Gaia, Ġgantija, Guanche and Ganuenta. Goddesses in their own powerful, magical, weaving ways! Hear Her whispers … WOMEN OF THE WORLD gather with the Ancient Earth Mother, around Her Sacred Fires, deep in Her earthy soil, in Her Caves, Her Mysteries whispered in the Wind and by Her Sacred Love and Life giving Waters. Harvest the Ninefold Codes and Symbols imprinted in your bodies, the Blueprints of Old!! It is your Birth right. I love to welcome you, ancient one, in the Circle of Her.

DOV AHAVA:  She Who Blesses

She who blesses, She who protects the women and the Witch.  Like many, many, Goddesses around the world, the three great mothers of northern Israel were gone from us for thousands of years… but no more.

The Good Mother Tanita – bearer of sweet and goodness, The Blessed Bird Goddess Saya – sacred patroness of women and childbirth, and The Mighty Hosha-Na – witch and holy initiator are remembered and celebrated once again.

Come and experience their love, power and blessings through ceremonies, songs and energy work.

The ancient mothers have never left the holy and ancient land of the Galilee, their powers are still potent and their sovereignty – eternal. Come and remember the old ones of sea and desert, of white snow and birds of lightnings, of old, old, trees and of night flight in a pot of clay.

Come and remember.

IRIS LICANLILA NUIT: Feminine Medicine

Mindful Movement, Dance, voicing,  emotional intelligence.

What is center?
What is balance?
What is connection?
Is there a difference between spirit and matter? Body, mind and spirit?
Can you feel it?
How sensitive, vulnerable, heart naked and raw can you allow yourself to feel before protection comes forth?
What is the difference between protection and preservation?
Where does the Divine Consciousness lives within?
Before myth, there was an elemental connection with Life force, cycles, existence as a whole.
How to touch the nameless, that which moves you beyond roles and masks? That power that sustains you yet needs your full awareness to be manifested?
How to touch that Divine essence of your Soul, part of Soil and Sky, through the body, in full awareness, full liberation, full recognition and absolute awe?
We are Nature, Nature is Us.
We have a body which is interconnected with all Life and all of life’s processes (birth, life, death, transformation, regeneration).
Nature is pure consciousness, it is soul expressed into form, ever sustaining each of us.
Ancient cultures dance as a spiritual practice. Dance and song are living, active prayers – dynamic meditations that honour the core of silent freedom and take you beyond roles, into the essence of Being.
This is a work both for women and men.

Feminine Consciousness is the art of gentle, truthful and resilient presence. It is a quality of of being that embraces the complementarity in duality, honours cyclicity, and commits to developing constructive resources for each challenge, both individually and collectively. We believe that by cultivating openeness about vulnerability we may craft mutual understanding, clear communication, cooperative care and creative power. This is a crucial time for transformation of structures, beliefs, values, internally and externally. Alowing the feminine side of the psyche to manifest is a profound way to truly connect to ourselves, our families, community and Mother Earth.

KA DINEEN: Pachamama Despacho

Despachos may be released to spirit in three ways – buried in the earth, released into a river, or placed on the fire – the fire is the swiftest communication. The despacho ceremony is a beautiful way to connect with all that is and come into right relationship.

In August we are in the time of Lammas in the northern hemisphere and so the focus of this Pachamama Despacho will be about our gratitude for the harvest in all its manifestations. We will energise the ritual by calling upon the directions to open sacred space and get a sense of the different qualities of the life force which we work with. We will then build a beautiful despacho together, bringing our intent and our prayers as we connect soul to soul with the essence of mother earth. Holding onto this meditative focus we will process out to release our offering of gratitude via the sacred fire.

THE MOTHERS OF THE NEW TIME: Love Songs Of The Goddess

In this evocative ritual experience, the Mothers of the New Time invite you to open your heart and receive healing wisdom from the well of song. Participants will be guided in a series of purification activities, rending the veils and breaking the shackles of patriarchal ways of thinking, negative self-talk, poor body and self-image, and rejection of feminine ways of knowing. After the purification, we will open sacred circle and participants will join our sisterhood in songs and ritual enactments honoring and reclaiming the wisdom of world Goddesses: Lilith, Inanna, Artemis, Brigid, the Deer Mother, Aphrodite, Freyja, Hekate, and others. For each Goddess, the group will sing love songs and make offerings, and the Goddess will bestow oracular wisdom and gifts. For this special ceremony, the Mothers of the New Time will bring sacred water from America’s own red and white springs which run side by side near beautiful Mt Shasta, California, and will combine them with waters from the red and white springs in Glastonbury as testimony to our shared commitment to the vision of The Motherworld.

REBEKAH: The Bitter Sweet Taste Of Ixcacao

Come and dive deep within to meet the Mayan Cacao Goddess Ixcacao, hear her wisdom and guidance, and let your inner Goddess shine bright. We will drink a cup of the bittersweet medicine and journey deep into the silence, to allow Her Cacao Plant Medicine to heal our heart-wounds, dissolve old and stale energies, memories, and stuck emotions, and release bliss chemicals that harmonise the body, heart and mind so we feel calmer, lighter, brighter and more connected and in love with ourselves.


7.30 pm  (Goddess Temple) LAMMAS CEREMONY and LAMMAS FIRE by the Goddess Temple Priestesses