Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference


The final programme for the Goddess Conference is now available – you can download it here. We recommend checking this before you make your booking.


 Thursday 3rd August

Celebrating a World of Goddess

Each Morning, Wednesday to Saturday inclusive:

8.00am-9.00am MORNING PRAYER CIRCLE in the Goddess Temple with LOUISE TARRIER and YOGA FLOW with JOAN CICHON in the Goddess Hall.
9.30am-11.00am or 9.30am-1.00pm YOUNG PEOPLE’S WORKSHOPS 8-18 years. Sign up at Registration.


9.30am-12.45pm in the Town Hall. DAY OPENING with Priest/esses of Brighde.


Presentations from, among others:


In Canada, our temple of the heart celebrates powerful rituals as we breathe in our land’s rich indigenous heritage, for She is everywhere in the landscape. But we have no recorded Goddess history that is uniquely Canadian. Although we share the same landmass with the United States, we are not American and some of the symbols of the Native American medicine wheel do not relate to Canada while the primal British ancestors we honour in Glastonbury don’t resonate with many people across the sea. Our vast country echoes with different values, origins and landscapes, myths and stories from all over the world, as we are a country of many cultures. But Goddess has manifested Herself in the many strong women of our collective history and myths. She works through me now as I create my work in progress, the Wheel of Canada, where Goddess is represented in Her many guises, archetypes and synchronicities. In this presentation of my work, I name her on the Canadian Wheel. In doing so I honour Canada’s connection with Avalon.


When my heart is with her – with Good Mother Tanit – I know the true nature of a blessing. For she is the one who always comes with the sweetness of dates from the desert, with the blue strings for safe journey on the harbor, and with the eternal hands of blessings to clear our paths from darkness. Oh – she is old. Older then we dare to imagine. And for thousands of years humanity has turned its back to her.

But her ancientness gives her patience and in her sweet heart there is hope for me, for you, for all of us… and her hand – her magical hand – Hamsa – is a reminder that we love her still. Sweet Mother Tanit.


She is the Crone and the Maiden, Lady of the Winter and of the Summertime, She is the Great Celtic Goddess worshiped for millennia in this area of the Atlantic Arc. To survive until today, She has been through great transformations, under the influence of the Catholic Church, and also, before that, under the power of Roman colonizers. Actually, they made Her play the role of Proserpina, crossing to the Underworld through the waters of the Tagus river, that she is a protectoress against the seasonal flooding, responsible at the same time for the fertility of the meadowland. In this presentation, we will be encouraged to reclaim Goddess in the most impregnable patriarchal bastion, and to free Her and ourselves, acknowledging and granting Her ancient power and glory.


There are as many ways of connecting to the Divine as there are birds that sing,  and many Wheels of the Goddess are dependent on local climate patterns of Her Nature or local mythology.  The Wheel of the Global Goddess explores the universal journey of our Souls as we move through the many portals of opportunity which open up to us as what we chose prior to incarnation unfolds for us in each Lifetime. Join me for this exploration.

World Temple Circle


12.45-2.30pmLUNCHTIME STORYTELLING by MAKGATHI MOKWENA: HER CALL IS SMALL, FAINT… CAN YOU HEAR IT? in Assembly Rooms. Eat before or bring your lunch. Open to non-Conferees

 2-3.30pm – A Feast of Fabulous 1.5 hour Workshops

ANGIE TWYDALL: Ixchel, Mayan Goddess of Childbirth and Healing

Priestess Healer and Womb Shamanessa, Angie Twydall weaves through her current and past lives influenced by the Mayan Triple Goddess IxChel. From initiations in South American Moon Temples, to invoking IxChel as Shamanic Womb Healer and Midwife of Creation. Come feel Her power as Protectress of women, Jaguar Moon and Lady Rainbow. Journey to receive guidance and how to call upon Ixchel when faced with adversity and oppression.

ANNABEL DU BOULAY: Kuan Yin: Honouring the Wounded Healer Within

In 2011-12, I spent nine months creating The Healing Womb art installation for the Goddess Conference 2012, painting the four archetypes of Mother, including Kuan Yin as Mother of Compassion. Those nine months of gestation enabled me to creatively transform my shadow wounding around the birth of my severely disabled son, and to rebirth myself out of Hecate’s dark womb of fear, pain and anger into Kuan Yin’s light of strength, wisdom and compassion. Known as the Buddhist Goddess of Compassion and Mercy, Kuan Yin is the archetype of the Wounded Healer – She who through her own suffering becomes a flame of unconditional love to light the way for others. In this workshop, we will journey with Kuan Yin through chanting, guided visualisation and creative expression to meet our Wounded Healer within, to honour the challenges in our lives that our souls chose to suffer in order to become the vessels for Her love to shine through, and to embrace those gifts that our souls bring to the world. In Avalon, the Heart Chakra of the World, we open our own hearts to Kuan Yin’s healing and allow Her violet flame of compassion to transform the muddy depths of our roots into the beautiful petals of Her lotus flower.

BECKY JOHANSSON: Exploring Epona (The Great Mare)

Epona, the Celtic Horse Goddess has many faces and aspects. In this workshop we will explore a little bit of her history, her links to Rhiannon, and how we can connect to her today. We will go on a brief journey to evoke our inner horse/Goddess, and then raise the energy using drum flows, sound and movement to free up and experience our Wild Horse Selves.

(Please bring your own drums/rattles if possible.  There will be spares. No drumming experience necessary.)

HILDEGARD KIRCHWEGER: (with Angelica Dawson) Dancing the Wheel of the Year

Dance and sing with us circling through the different qualities of the year. Enjoy the abundance of wisdom contained in circle dances and songs rooted in different parts of the world. Goddess shows her face in multiple ways in these movements and sounds. In the circle we feel held, loved and supported, embedded in a commonly shared experience of beauty.

LISA McCLEAN: The Vedic Goddess

In this hour and half we will  be working with  the Goddesses Kali, the Divine Mother… Lakshmi, Abundant Mother and Radharan, Mother of divine love.  Joining together in mantras, lifting their prayers, singing bhajan and finding out who they are to you.

LOUISA POTTER: Highland Scotland Bear Oracle

Down from the far North West Highlands of Scotland come the padding paws of the She Bears. Come and hear what message they bring from the North, from the wild landscape of rocky valley, from white beach and deep cave. Make your own Bear Oracle pendant from sacred wood from Assynt.

MARION BRIGANTIA: Tending Brighde’s Sacred Fires

Brighde-Brigantia, the Great Celtic Goddess, has many titles and names. She is the Goddess of Healing and Inspiration and the Goddess of Fire! She is the Sun Goddess, Shining One, the Exhalted One, who brings Her blessings through her Sacred Flames of Inspiration, Empowerment, Creation and Transformation.

Her Bright Light lies dormant in all of us, sometimes smothered by life, waiting to be lit again. Working with Brighde-Brigantia is all about remembering, igniting and tending these inner flames!

Come and experience the deeply healing power of Her Sacred Fires within and without. Come and reclaim your Shine!

MICHELLE PATTEN: The Path of a Priestess of Avalon

4-5.30pm – More Wonderful 1.5 hour Workshops

BEE HELYGEN: Ritual Cycle with the Dark Moon Goddesses

How to manifest your True Soul Self from the Darkness within.

We journey to the four elemental realms of Cerridwen, Lilith, Hekate, and Morgana. This workshop is based on ritual experiences in various places around the UK and abroad, over the course of a year and a day. Only by understanding the power and the magic of the ‘dangerous’ and ‘dark’ aspects of the Sacred Feminine Divine can we hope to understand the ‘dangerous’ and ‘dark’ aspects of ourselves. The Hermetical maxim “as above, so below” shows us the way into this exploration of our inner world, from which we can learn much about our purpose in this and other lives, both past and future. Shamanic journeys into the Underworld, the interface with our unconscious, are as old as humanity on this earth.

The healing power of the darkness, which you enter each time you sleep or journey into your unconscious – to dream – to rest – to venture forth into the unknown – is a gift from the Dark Deities. There is no need for fear when you enter their magical realm of learning about your Soul, so that you may let go of what no longer serves you, reclaim the power and energy you handed over to a conditioned shadow and return refreshed, cared for and with greater understanding. Allow me to invite you on a journey to the Dark Goddesses, so that you can build a connection and work with them, whenever you are ready to step on the path of recovering and celebrating your True Soul Self. Take my hand, let me guide you to the welcoming dark realms, where you will find true Gnosis, of you and of all that is hidden within.

“As the universe, so the Soul.”

HELOISE PILKINGTON: Honouring Goddesses from Around the World in Sound and Song

Together we will sing chants honouring Goddesses from different parts of the world. We will experience how devotional chants from different cultures can vary in style, both rhythmically and harmonically. We will bathe in the varying vibrations of Goddesses from very different cultures. If you have chants invoking Goddesses from other lands you are invited to share them!  We will finish with strong prayers to all Goddesses for Global healing. Please bring your adventurous spirit and your voices, drums and rattles!

KATINKA SOETENS: Manifesting the Goddess of Love

The Goddesses of Love are awakening women and men all over the world.
She who is the beauty of the loving heart, and the sweet breath of ecstasy,
She who is the flame of passion and the warming glow of full desire that dances in the sensual aliveness of our being and all of nature.
She who guides our destiny towards us through the calling of our soul’s purpose.
She who is the constant presence of Love and Compassion: self love, love for others, love for the world and love for the Divine.
The Goddesses of Love are calling us back to Her Path of Love, are bringing the deep memory of ways of relating, loving and living together in healthy, honouring, supportive, and life enhancing forms, which enable the maturation and initiation of the inner Feminine and Masculine so we may serve Her once more.
Come and look in the Mirror of the Lover Goddesses, Come and explore the Comb of Truth to untangle that which is ours and that which belongs to others, Come and find the Belt of Beauty to awaken your senses to the presence of the Lover Goddess within.
Come and manifest the Goddess of Love as Rhiannon of Avalon in your body and being.
For women and men, with joyous movement, conscious respectful touch and delicious sensual awakening. Fully dressed. Please bring a scarf to wear around your hips.

MIRIAM RAVEN: Dance Journey through Ancient Goddess Civilisations – Multicultural Dance Workshop through Her Many Sacred Lands

In this workshop, we will learn and enjoy traditional circle dances from many cultures that have held Goddess sacred. We will dance and travel to Artemis and the Amazons on the Black Sea, to Greece and Turkey, to Israel, to Celtic Brittany, to the folk memory of Bulgaria, and to Armenia where Goddess is still present in the Tree of Life. In a meditation, we will find our Goddess country of ancient soul connection. By learning the traditional steps and movements, we awaken the memories of ancient Goddess cultures and different lands in our bodies and souls. Together we will celebrate the power of connection to the past, to different cultures and Goddesses from many lands, and to each other in the circle.


We, the Egyptian Goddess Grove, call you home to Egypt: remembering the fertile Black Land and Her Goddesses in a ceremony where we sing our offerings and receive individual blessings from the Mothers. Meet the Ladies of the Stars – Nut: Magic, Isis: Love, Hathor: Sovereignty, Mut, and Healing: Sekhmet. We will also honour the lesser-known Goddesses of the Egyptian Pantheon, such as Tefnut and Ma’at. Speak the ancient words of the ancestors and hear Her echo in your life today

NANDINI GIBBINS: Vedic Goddesses and the Sacred Wheel of Avalon

Come along, experience and journey with the Goddesses of the sub-continent India, their powers and their manifestations. Experience the idea of Earth as a personified Goddess and the idea of the Cosmos as a whole living being which are central in Vedic culture. These important aspects of the reverence for the divine feminine in Vedic tradition are awe for the sacredness of the land itself and for the Indian sub-continent as a whole.

In this workshop, you will be taking a journey through the realms of Saraswati, Radha, Durga, and Kali, the faces of Goddess in their archetypal as Maiden, Lover, Mother and Crone via visualization and sound. Travel through the landscapes of the inner self, where you will meet the healing, transforming and nurturing energies of these Goddesses in the diversity of who we are.

SADHU: Universal Lady of Love

Release into the embrace of the Universal Lady of Love, She who is the unifying force in our bodies, relationships and world. She who draws us closer to ourselves & one another and who returns us to the experience of ourselves as whole!

Journey into the mythos of the Goddess of love from several ancient cultures across the globe, and hear Her universal call to us, Her people, to again live the ways of love.

Experience the transmission of Her love in your own body through touch rituals and conscious relating practices that incorporate sound making, breathwork and contact movement. Feel how She irresistibly invites you to love yourself, others and to consciously move in the world as the embodiment of Her love that you are!

She is love universal, the power that bridges even the greatest of divides! She welcomes both commonality & difference, and celebrates the rich diversity of life. Come reclaim your body as Her vessel and shine as Her beacon of love!

SUSAN van SOEST: Freya, the beauty in every woman; a quest to obtain your Brisigamen

Freyja is the most beautiful Goddess of North West Europe. Her beauty runs way deeper than the surface: She is a wild woman dancing to Her own drum and She is the beauty in every woman. To this day, people are still devoted to Her. She is Goddess of the fertile land and related to the cycle of life, death and rebirth.

In this workshop we focus on Her beauty mirrored by the Brisigamen, a necklace (or girdle) she obtained by lying with four dwarfs. We start with a retelling of this story as Freyja’s initiation in the four elements – represented by the dwarfs – and becoming the Shining One. In ritual space will explore the myth by sharing and visualisation how Her journey resonates in us, both the obstacles as well as Her beauty within.


7.30pm WONDERMENT: an international performance evening of Goddess-Inspired Sacred Puppetry, Dance, Song, Music and Drama.
MIHO IGI: On the Banks where the Lotus Bloom – singing my songs which were born in the forest where I live.
Nomkhubulwana: a Sacred Puppetry and Animist Performance

‘There was a time early in African history when the Old Tribes worshipped women.  Men worshipped their mothers like goddesses… the Matriarchs and the Rain Queens are survivals of this custom.  In our mythology, too, females play a more important role, like the Great Mother, our Goddess of Creation.  The Bantu say that a woman… exists in the past, present and future at the same time, and she does not belong to one’s father or oneself, but to those as yet unborn, and to one’s ancestors.’  Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa: Indaba My Children

In various cultures in Africa, ritual puppetry performances and sacred sculpture, dolls and objects have been used for the worship of the feminine, for centuries.  Using shadows and light, life-size paper puppetry, story and song, ritual and animism, we create living myth and magic, bringing life to our origins in the breath of the ancestors, our foremothers who lived, loved and worshipped the Great Mother in her many forms on South African soil.  South Africa is the land of the Great Mother Goddess of Creation, Ninavanhu Ma.  She of the three breasts who gave birth to the birds, the fish and the animals. Nomkhubulwana, She who chooses the state of an animal.  She is the living land itself, she is the fertile rain, Nkosazana and Nomvula, Her body is the mountains, the rivers and oceans, She is the healing spirit of air and sky.

She is the Moon, Nosinyanga, the Stars and the Sun.  She is known by the sacred names that we have all but forgotten, and remembered by beloved elders who still honour her in story, secret places and living art.    From deeply held caverns in our collective consciousness, the genetic and energetic memories of our Mother-land rise once more.  We gather her teachings through her extraordinary creatures, Ndlovu, the Elephant Matriarchs of Memory, Tau, the great star Lions, children of the Sun and iHlengethwa – the fish of forgiveness and renewal.   We remember when all life was held as sacred and when women were honoured and adored in Africa as living vessels of the Goddess.


Thursday evening we will journey together in singing the holy mantras of the Vedic Goddesses… Kali… Durga… Radharani… Lakshmi. These are simple mantras that everyone can join in and sing with us…

I will be joined by  Sukhananda on the guitar and Arjuna with murdunga(indian drum)

Iris Lican and Lila Nuit: THE ABSOLUTE WILD

Sacred performance: dance, song, poetry

Storm calls in the mountain: come and dance
Sea roars in winter wind: come and change
Bones with star stone calcium
Soul structure
Bird and boar and bear
Snake and silk and hair
Root and rise and rain
The wheel is turning
Medicine weaving
Whatever dies will flower again

Medicine Dancers are not actors, we do not represent something, we fully become it. We are the embodiment of elemental life force, knowing from experience that performance is ritual.

“What we Love, We are.”* We are flowing water, wild wind and soft earth. We are the thunder bringing back truth and balance through chaos. We are a living offering to the power of core consciousness in its absolute mystery. We are That. Precisely That. This performance is a creation in real time, where you and we create a space of togetherness, an empathic language through art, music, dance, ritual, prayer, collective sensitive presence and consciousness.

*Quotation from J. Rumi

SACRED DRAMA: Gathering of the Ancient Goddesses – Return of the ‘Top Girls’

Adapted by Jade Kelly.  Directed by Alexandra Cichon, with Joan Cichon, in co-creation with the Goddesses, the Priestesses who embody Them, and their Khoros.

We have called ancient Goddesses to us, here to Avalon, to honour Them, Goddesses from around the world, beyond it, and across time. Can we doubt Their arrival? Demonized, denigrated, diminished by millennia of patriarchy, these ancient Goddesses celebrate tales of their triumphant return, achieved not through violence, but by the power of love, by force of wit, wisdom, daring, deep patience, perseverance, and strategic alliances with sometimes strange bedfellows.

Dramatis Personae (in alphabetical order)

Aphrodite:  Maya Vassallo (Italy), Ariadne: Alexandra Cichon (U.S.), Cat Goddess & Sun-Eyed Goddess of Neolithic Portugal: Lila Nuit (Portugal), Iris Lican (Portugal), Hecate: Lorraine Pickles (U.K.), Ixchel: Alejandro Reyes-Ortiz (Mexico), Kali-Ma: Lina Sot Varadis (Sweden), Khoros: Jade Kelly (U.S.), Saucco de Trivia (Spain), Joan Cichon (U.S.), Iranzu Gonazpi (Spain), Alexandra Cichon (U.S.), Lady of Avalon: Kathy Jones (U.K.), Lilith: Bee Helygen (U.K.), Sheela na Gig: Christine Watkins (U.K.), Triple Goddess Life-Bestower/Death- Wielder/Regeneratrix: Barbara Harriott (U.K.), Kerry Keene (New Zealand), Mandy Butler (U.K.), Venus of Malta: Pia Cameron (Australia)

Director: Alexandra Cichon (U.S.), Dramaturg: Jade Kelly (U.S.), Sound Design: Marisa Picardo (U.K.), Choreographer: Saucco de Trivia (Spain), Make-up Design: Ash Dietrich (U.S)