Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Lila Nuit

Tuesday 1st August

7.30pm CONFERENCE OPENING CEREMONY – WELCOMING THE GODDESSES of the WORLD. Facilitated by Ceremonial Circle of Priestesses of Avalon, with dance from IRANZU GONAZPI & SAUCCO DE TRIVIA, IRIS LICAN & LILA NUIT. Poetry from ROSE FLINT. Music & Circle Dance.

Wednesday 2nd August – afternoon


Mindful Movement, Dance, voicing,  emotional intelligence.

What is center?
What is balance?
What is connection?
Is there a difference between spirit and matter? Body, mind and spirit?
Can you feel it?
How sensitive, vulnerable, heart naked and raw can you allow yourself to feel before protection comes forth?
What is the difference between protection and preservation?
Where does the Divine Consciousness lives within?
Before myth, there was an elemental connection with Life force, cycles, existence as a whole.

How to touch the nameless, that which moves you beyond roles and masks? That power that sustains you yet needs your full awareness to be manifested?
How to touch that Divine essence of your Soul, part of Soil and Sky, through the body, in full awareness, full liberation, full recognition and absolute awe?
We are Nature, Nature is Us.
We have a body which is interconnected with all Life and all of life’s processes (birth, life, death, transformation, regeneration).
Nature is pure consciousness, it is soul expressed into form, ever sustaining each of us.
Ancient cultures dance as a spiritual practice. Dance and song are living, active prayers – dynamic meditations that honour the core of silent freedom and take you beyond roles, into the essence of Being.

This is a work both for women and men.

Feminine Consciousness is the art of gentle, truthful and resilient presence. It is a quality of of being that embraces the complementarity in duality, honours cyclicity, and commits to developing constructive resources for each challenge, both individually and collectively. We believe that by cultivating openeness about vulnerability we may craft mutual understanding, clear communication, cooperative care and creative power. This is a crucial time for transformation of structures, beliefs, values, internally and externally. Alowing the feminine side of the psyche to manifest is a profound way to truly connect to ourselves, our families, community and Mother Earth.

Thursday 3rd August – evening

Performance with Iris Lican: THE ABSOLUTE WILD

Sacred performance: dance, song, poetry

Storm calls in the mountain: come and dance
Sea roars in winter wind: come and change
Bones with star stone calcium
Soul structure
Bird and boar and bear
Snake and silk and hair
Root and rise and rain
The wheel is turning
Medicine weaving
Whatever dies will flower again

Medicine Dancers are not actors, we do not represent something, we fully become it. We are the embodiment of elemental life force, knowing from experience that performance is ritual.

“What we Love, We are.”* We are flowing water, wild wind and soft earth. We are the thunder bringing back truth and balance through chaos. We are a living offering to the power of core consciousness in its absolute mystery. We are That. Precisely That.

This performance is a creation in real time, where you and we create a space of togetherness, an empathic language through art, music, dance, ritual, prayer, collective sensitive presence and consciousness.

*Quotation from J. Rumi

Lila writes: I was born and raised in the countryside, observing myself in the seasons on Earth.

A great part of my learning is from experiencing, hands-on, the Mother (Matter) – Nature – source of life and key to wisdom.

I have a degree in Institutional communication. Rebelling against my field of studies I acknowledged my need to bring more humanism to the reality we live in through art, nutrition and healing.

I am a self-taught herbalist, crystal and dream therapist and conscious cook.

I am a ritual dancer, having studied Oriental and Organic Movement with the artist and medicine woman Iris Lican, with the art activist Mariana Lemos and with the musician Baltazar Molina.

I am part of the cooperative project Senhora d’Azenha and it’s related projects: Contemporary Medicine Women Institute, Corpo Terra Studio and Cozinha das Bruxas (the Dancing Witches’ Kitchen),

I teach holistic herbalism focusing on incenses, essences, elixirs, conscious cooking and stiry-telling. I have created the project Earthwalking (bare foot walking retreats in wild nature), Corpo Essência (crystal therapy) and Delphos Seeds oracle.

I aim to offer an integrated work of healing and self development. By whichever of these paths, the choice is always an expression of Pure Life in movement, consciously creating what each moment requires in connection to All in resonance.