Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Ka Dineen

Wednesday 2nd August – afternoon

Workshop: Pachamama Despacho

Despachos may be released to spirit in three ways – buried in the earth, released into a river, or placed on the fire – the fire is the swiftest communication. The despacho ceremony is a beautiful way to connect with all that is and come into right relationship.

In August we are in the time of Lammas in the northern hemisphere and so the focus of this Pachamama Despacho will be about our gratitude for the harvest in all its manifestations. We will energise the ritual by calling upon the directions to open sacred space and get a sense of the different qualities of the life force which we work with. We will then build a beautiful despacho together, bringing our intent and our prayers as we connect soul to soul with the essence of mother earth. Holding onto this meditative focus we will process out to release our offering of gratitude via the sacred fire.

About Ka (Kate Dineen):

The medicine path into which I am initiated (Q’ero, Peru) is an ancient unbroken lineage whose wisdom is relevant to us now. I regularly hold fire ceremonies in my local community as well as Despacho ceremonies for specific purposes. I teach the Munay Ki Medicine Spiral to small groups and one to one – a deeply transformative path of healing. I also offer in depth Shamanic Healing sessions one to one in person or by phone. www.katedineen.com for more information