Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Joan Cichon

Each Morning, Wednesday to Saturday inclusive:

8.00am-9.00am MORNING PRAYER CIRCLE in the Goddess Temple with LOUISE TARRIER and YOGA FLOW with JOAN CICHON in the Goddess Hall.

Thursday 3rd August – evening

SACRED DRAMA: Gathering of the Ancient Goddesses – Return of the ‘Top Girls’

Adapted by Jade Kelly. Directed by Alexandra Cichon, with Joan Cichon, in co-creation with the Goddesses, the Priestesses who embody Them, and their Khoros.

We have called ancient Goddesses to us, here to Avalon, to honour Them, Goddesses from around the world, beyond it, and across time. Can we doubt Their arrival? Demonized, denigrated, diminished by millennia of patriarchy, these ancient Goddesses celebrate tales of their triumphant return, achieved not through violence, but by the power of love, by force of wit, wisdom, daring, deep patience, perseverance, and strategic alliances with sometimes strange bedfellows.

Joan Cichon, who is a Priestess of Avalon, has a PhD in Women’s Spirituality from the California Institute of Integral Studies.  Her dissertation is entitled:  “Matriarchy in Minoan Crete: a Perspective from Archaeomythology and Modern Matriarchal Studies.” As the title of her dissertations reflects, her main areas of scholarly interest are Bronze Age Crete, archaeomythology, and modern matriarchal studies.  For the past twenty-five years Joan has spent several months in Crete each year studying, visiting archaeological sites and museums, and exploring Crete as well as other Greek islands.  She has led Goddess pilgrimages to Crete and has herself been a pilgrim to Goddess sites all over the world. Joan has published an article tracing the origins of the Eleusinian Mysteries to ancient Crete, and an another elucidating how archaeomythology enables us to understand the spiritual life of the ancient world in the anthology entitled: Myths Shattered and Restored (2016).  She is a retired history professor and reference librarian, and a board member of the Association for the Study of Women and Mythology.