Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Tuesday 1st - Sunday 6th August 2017

Celebrating Goddess in Her many forms and names as

Goddesses of the World

with Fringe events from Saturday 29th July

Welcome to the 22nd

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Glastonbury Goddess Conference

Carolyn Hillyer

Sunday 30th July

Fringe Workshop – The World Cauldron: Clans and Keepers of the Thrumming Bowl

We circle around this great thrumming bowl, the sacred vessel that contains our most ancient understandings of the world; this belly of eternal rhythms that rock and churn and pound into the hollows of our bones. The songs of this great cauldron fill our bodies with primordial resonances; our skin vibrates with echoes from the voices of grandmothers singing softly or robustly far out around the rim. We keep returning to this bowl; we cannot help ourselves for we yearn to merge with far more primal versions of ourselves. We watch those old ones as they stir the magic all around, mix and blend until it spills the brim. And so we crouch with them beside the thrumming bowl, binding our world together, each sister strong beside her sisters, clans and keepers of the changing earth… With her most recent work, Weavers’ Oracle, at the core of this workshop, Carolyn will guide a journey of mystic tale, intuitive ritual and profound song around the rim of the world cauldron…

Wednesday 2nd August – morning


“When we were born, our land put on her beautiful yagushka (coat) and our mothers sang with the many voices of nature.” Carolyn will offer fragments of tundra tales and cold songs and ice prayers, gathered from the far north, to bring the sacred mothers of the winter lands into this conference celebration of world goddesses. She will lay urgent words from the fast-changing Arctic landscape into our collective lap, that we might better know how to meet the challenges that prowl at the dissolving edges of the earth.

Saturday 5th August – evening

Performance: BONES featuring Carolyn Hillyer and Nigel Shaw with guest musicians Brian Abbott and Lydia Lite. Bronze Age groove and shamanic trance dance music with earth and magic and life at its core. Performed by a collective of long-time musical collaborators playing songs to get your wild feet whirling! With music harnessed from a broad range of their albums including Bones, Ancestors, Exile, Gig Na Gig and Shamanca.

Carolyn Hillyer is a renowned artist, musician, writer, drum maker and workshop teacher who lives and works on an ancient farm in the remote wilds of Dartmoor. She sings, paints and writes of ancient spirit and hidden memory, of ancestral roots and the deep experience of women in the weaving of courageous life paths. She travels widely around the world with her work and guides many workshop journeys. Her most recent publication, Weavers’ Oracle, is drawn from thirty years of her paintings and women’s teachings. www.seventhwavemusic.co.uk