"An Cailleach", by Jane Brideson

“An Cailleach”, by Jane Brideson. Click on the image to read more about it.

Stella Nolava Constellation

Stella Nolava Constellation – click to see a larger version


Celebrating Anu, An Cailleach, Stella Nolava Queen of Heaven & Earth, Cosmic Star Mother
Sharing Goddess Spiritual Practices

For 20 YEARS we have been honouring Goddess every Lammastide in Glastonbury!

Goddess-loving women and men travel here from all over Brigit’s Isles and the world for this extraordinary celebration.

How wonderful is that and how lucky are we to welcome you here once again? Come and join us on this awesome nine day transforming experience of Goddess!

Journey with us through Sacred Ceremony, Presentations, Workshops & Performances, moving ever more deeply into the Heart of the Mysteries of Anu, An Cailleach, Stella Nolava, Cosmic Star Mother, here in Glastonbury within the Sacred Landscape of the Isle of Avalon.